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  1. dinodan

    Azalea Hillside, Middleton Place, South Carolina

    Nikon FE2, Tokina 35-105 zoom, Fujichrome Velvia 100
  2. dinodan

    Sunrise over Charleston Harbor

    Today is the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War. It commenced with the bombardment of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. The sunrise on that fateful day might have looked a lot like this one.
  3. dinodan

    Plantation Road

    Yesterday, I was on an assignment to photograph a dedication ceremony at one of the historic plantations near Charleston, South Carolina. While waiting for things to get underway, I shot this photo of the road leading toward the house through the lifting morning fog. I think that it has a...
  4. dinodan

    Proper Attire

    I have been asked to photograph the dedication ceremony for a new monument at a local historic cemetery. I am pretty sure that the attendees will dress formally. Given that, and the solemnity of the occasion, I don't want to show up in my standard jeans and polo shirt. I'm thinking of khaki...
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  6. dinodan

    Vineyard at Daybreak

    Nikon D80 with AF-S Nikkor 24-120 1:3.5-5.6 G VR. I don't care that Ken Rockwell doesn't rate this lens very highly. I like it a lot!
  7. dinodan

    Goodbye PhotoForum

    I getting out of here. I can no longer tolerate people who appreciate digital trickery (often badly done) over honest photography (real images of the real world with real light and real skies).. I guess that I have to find a forum that is more in tune with my personal photographic interests...
  8. dinodan

    Engine Tear-down

    Our local car club has a race car that we enter in local events. For next year, we're installing a more powerful engine. Last night, we began taking apart the "new" motor before it goes in the car. We like to document everything, so I'm usually the designated photographer. I really like this...
  9. dinodan

    Expired Tmax

    I came across a roll of Tmax 100 that had been in the back of a drawer. The expiration date is 11/06. It should still be okay, right?
  10. dinodan


    I shot this photo recently at one of the local plantations. Ektar 100 (I love this film) gave me the latitude to not overexpose the wall and doorway excessively (though a tripod would have allowed me to have it in better focus) while still picking up detail inside the dark shop. This is one of...
  11. dinodan

    The End of Kodachrome

    Announced today (6-22-09) Kodak Kills Kodachrome Film
  12. dinodan

    No more E6 processing in town

    Yesterday, I went to the photo place where I had been buying film and taking it to be processed for 20 years. Gone! (As in shut down.) For a while, they had been doing E6 in house, but then went back to sending it out. I then went to another lab in the area, but they don't do E6. They...
  13. dinodan

    Ektar 100

    I ordered 6 rolls of Ektar 100 yesterday from Adorama. This morning, I got an email from them that it's backordered.
  14. dinodan

    Voigtlander Bessamatic Collection

    I just received the latest piece, a Dynarex 100mm 1:4.8 in absolute 'as new' condition that I found on Ebay. (I had been looking for the "right" one for a long time.) I thought I'd celebrate by showing off my collection and sharing it with the group. The camera was purchased new by my father...
  15. dinodan

    Cheap GAS - Mamiya Sekor 528TL

    In another thread, I described how a Mamiya Sekor 528TL was my first 35mm camera in high school. That got me looking around Ebay, and I discovered a way to satisfy my GAS without spending much money at all. Figuring that my chances of finding one good camera of that age and (let's face it) cheap...
  16. dinodan

    Nikkormat FTn Question

    I'm interested in obtaining a Nikkormat camera, and today I went to look at one that is advertised locally by a private party. The camera appears to be in very good condition with working meter, etc. The only apparent problem is that the indexing pin would not rotate past about the 10 o'clock...
  17. dinodan

    Mail Order Film - Hot Weather Shipment

    Film is becoming increasingly difficult to find here locally. I know that I can order it from Adorama, B&H, etc., but at this time of the year I worry about it spending two or more days in a very hot UPS truck. Does anyone do refrigerated film shipments, or shouldn't I be so worried about it...
  18. dinodan

    Voigtlander Super-Dynarex 350mm f/5.6

    I've been looking for one of these for some time to round out my Bessamatic kit, and finally found one on Ebay in beautiful condition, complete with the original case and velour-lined, genuine leather lens cap. My trusty "Bessie" is in the shop for routine maintenance, but I'm able to mount the...
  19. dinodan

    Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8G ED Test Shots

    I recently posted in the Film section that I had acquired this lens. In fact, I did buy it mainly to use with film. However, I wanted to put up some test photos, and a busy weekend did not allow me the time to shoot a roll of film. So, I put it on the D80 and headed out to the wilds of my...