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  1. ajkramer87

    Phila Flyers, Goalies

    Well I now have the itch for hockey again. I managed to suppress it but your photos just brought it back. Lets hope this lockout ends soon.
  2. ajkramer87


    blurry photos are blurry photos. You can edit them all day and in the end they will still be blurry photos. Hope you werent the only photographer.
  3. ajkramer87

    Need some feedback for a newbie.. :)

    For 2 and 3 Id say you want tighter crops. Fill the frame with the drink. Also the person in the background is a bit distracting.
  4. ajkramer87

    Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8G and Sigma 70-200mm OS f/2.8, which one faster lens for wedding

    If your going to use both bodies than use both lenses. Otherwise It all depends on the shot your after. If you want a group shot Id say the 35 but if your going for candids than the 70-200 will help keep you out of the way.
  5. ajkramer87


    I had no idea about all that. Thanks for the lessen. Planning on taking a trip down at some point soon. Did you or have you ever gone to one of the dolphin shows? Every time we go its always sold out unless its a show thats 4 hours from when I buy tickets.
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    Great shots mark. Last time I was down the best shots I got came from the jelly fish room. Youd think they could turn some lights on in that place.
  7. ajkramer87

    Nikon D300 feeler

    Thanks for the info. Id probably be a seller at 750 plus shipping.
  8. ajkramer87

    Nikon D300 feeler

  9. ajkramer87

    Many questions.

    I cant answer your film questions but I would suggest picking up a copy of understanding exposure by Brian Peterson. Check out this video to understand more about the exposure triangle.
  10. ajkramer87

    Need help on a test I failed :( (wet darkroom) any information would be really great!

    Didn't you get a text book or some form of reading material? All the answer will be in the book you just have to read it.
  11. ajkramer87

    Looking to upgrade my normal zoom. Help me out?

    I hear the Tamron 17-50 VC is a pretty sharp lens. Not really sure if its an up grade from your sigma or not but something to look into.
  12. ajkramer87

    Possible problems with D7000

    Post some pictures with the exif data
  13. ajkramer87

    Black Crowned Night Heron

    Was out and found this guy. Dont really shoot birds to much. D300 80-200 @ F/4, 1/320, ISO 200
  14. ajkramer87

    new body for a wedding

    the 50 is a fx lens. You can use the 35 on the d700 with just a minor vignette. Looking at your list of lenses I would go with a D7000 and pick up a used 70-200 2.8.
  15. ajkramer87

    Trying to figure out baby photography, please help?

    Here is a video that will help understand more about exposure and how everything relates.
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    Make ME Laugh!!!!

  17. ajkramer87

    Spring in Gettysburg.

    I was there a few weeks ago and there was hardly any green on those trees.
  18. ajkramer87

    Suggestions on how to take a good Welding Photo

    Did you take any shots yet? If so how did they turn out? Welding is something I do for a living. Never really thought about taking my camera with me. I will have to give this a go.
  19. ajkramer87

    Hi From Pennsylvania

    Hello from another PA TPFer.
  20. ajkramer87

    Hardbound coffee table books seems to get some great reviews.