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  1. Virtuosos

    Looking for some advice. CC requested

    I am still struggling with "seeing" a good exposure. I literally just recieved the "Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera" so I haven't dived into it quite yet, and today was probablly the first day in 3 months that felt good enough to be...
  2. Virtuosos

    Some Lightning (woo) and a over-turned semi....

    Big storm hit Oklahoma City/Edmond for the first time in...god know's how long today. Speeds upwards of 90mph wind and heavy rain that prevented you from seeing literally the hood of the car. Anyways, after the rain passes and the sun sets, the lightning is still going on. Decided to hit up...
  3. Virtuosos

    2 photos, 1 slightly NSFW --- CC Desired.

    ------------------------------------- I know the 2nd one is slightly under-exposed on her left (right side), so I tried to edit it somewhat...but I am an idiot with photoshop lol. That's my attempt at editting the brightness somewhat... lol :/ Anyways, I am looking for CC. The first photo...
  4. Virtuosos

    Photo taken at sunset -- CC welcomed of course

    My friend at Lake Arcadia... I have some pink in one of those photo's, kinda strange effect o.O probablly shouldnt be there though lol.
  5. Virtuosos

    Trip to the Zoo -- (3 pictures) CC highly welcomed.

    Unfortunately, there was a nice greasy-stained glass between me and the only animals out that day worth taking a photo of... I do not know how to work around that, but I tried my best to minimize the glare. Any advice on how to further reduce that (whether while actually taking the photo or in...
  6. Virtuosos

    My friend at Lake Henfer -- C&C Always welcomed

    Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City -- Bridgette caught against the sunset, slightly generic but still quite beautiful -I- think. ---------- I listed those 3 in the order I think they are best...the 3rd one I think should of been slightly darker (or lighter to catch more detail in her). It...
  7. Virtuosos

    Photo Trip to the Wichita Mountains

    My model, Bridgette (and Taylor in 1 photo), took a trip to the Wichita Mountains for a Film(her) and Photography(me) expedition. Anyways, please let me know if you like it or not//what to improve or include.
  8. Virtuosos

    A few random shots.

    I am utterly new here, and I guess this is a good way to submerge myself into the community :) Comment if you'd like, I personally think the photo's are pretty and hope you enjoy them as well. Suggestions on improvement is always welcomed *these have been taken awhile ago, settings are...
  9. Virtuosos

    At a crossroads for what camera to buy.

    Obviously I am new here, and I apologize for probablly asking the same question hundreds of asked before...but I am essentially stuck. I have been a fan of photography for years, generally messing around with my little Casio Exilm 7x Zoom digital camera...and in doing so, I have managed to take...