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  1. Dany

    Kinax Cameras

    You may find some good description of the different models of the brand on this page: and page 465 of the Mc Keown
  2. Dany

    Kinax Cameras

    Kinax is a French manufacturer mainly producing folding cameras after WWII. It is not well known out of France because only few models were exported. These export models were marketed in USA and Canada with the names of the French regions (Normandy, Picardy, Provence etc..) where fights occurred...
  3. Dany

    Kodak Six-20 Brownie Junior, worth fixing?

    The Six 20 Junior should have a sort of glass plate in front of the shutter to protect from dust ingress and a lens beind the shutter visible when the body of the camera is open. Without lens it will be impossible to take photos.
  4. Dany

    Lancaster Instantograph

    I finally found a replacement bellow for my Instantograph. It has been easier to install than to find
  5. Dany

    A candid camera

    The camera provides 4x6,5 cm negatives and must be loaded with type 127 films
  6. Dany

    A candid camera

    I have been always moved by vintage bakelite cameras I don’t know why. May be because molding technics permit interesting design. I recently found an American camera sold circa 1940 by a company named King Sales in Chicago. The model is called Candid Cinéx Camera. (The “e” of Cinéx with an...
  7. Dany

    Two bakelite cameras

    1949 !... The year I opened my eyes...:encouragement:
  8. Dany

    Two bakelite cameras

    In fact, a lot of small companies in Chicago marketed at this time cheap cameras based on the same design .sometimes similar but showing different names. A dream for collectors ! It seems that more efforts were given to the style than to the technology. An other camera in my collection from the...
  9. Dany

    Two bakelite cameras

    Yes ! I love of the decoration on the front face I have in my collection this less "exotic" version of the Clix O Flex
  10. Dany

    Two bakelite cameras

    I got two new cameras on my shelves First one is American, a very basic pseudo TLR the design of which is attractive to me. It is one of the versions of the Clix-O-Flex sold by Metropolitan industries circa 1947. The second one is heavy and French, It is a scarce variation of the Photax made...
  11. Dany

    Falcon (without wheels)

    I also suppose that WWII is a probable explaination
  12. Dany

    Falcon (without wheels)

    Some camera collectors are mainly interested by big cameras showing a high degree of technology. I must admit that my approach is a bit different. I wish to buy a new camera when looking at it makes me happy, even if the camera is fix focus, offers only I+T exposure, meniscus lens and three...
  13. Dany

    Sterelux Lumière

    Some time ago, I bought a Steretux Lumière type 2 for my collection presented here above: Since then, I have been looking for the older type 1 to complete the series. I finally found it and am delighted with this new acquisition. The adjustment of the diaphragms is done on the rim around the...
  14. Dany

    Purma special

    In fact three speeds are offered as depicted inside the box. I suppose the shutter mecanism uses gravity force
  15. Dany

    Purma special

    Hello ! Browsing between the stands of a local vintage camera sale I discovered this nice display box with its camera inside. A Purma special, made in England between 1937 and 1951 Heart stroke ! I had a bit of a hard time showing my most accomplished "poker face" to bargain the purchase in my...
  16. Dany

    First vest pocket camera? Houghton's Ensignette

    A very nice camera. Interesting details about it are available here : Its successor, the Ensignette N°2 was nice too: Here is one from my collection:
  17. Dany

    Early stereoscopy

    This stereoscopic card, from my collection, is clear evidence that the initiation to stereoscopy must be started very young Edited by B.W. Kilburn Circa 1900 size: 9x18 cm
  18. Dany

    A nice bakelite one

    I wanted this camera for a very long time. It is rare because it was produced in few copies and many did not resist the effects of time because bakelite is fragile. It is a folding camera manufactured in France by the Pontiac brand during the Second World War. In fact, the first camera similar...
  19. Dany

    Century Camera Co

    This camera was so dirty and dull when I discovered it in a yard sale that I could buy it for a laughable price. After some time spent cleaning and repairing it, here it is. according to my investigations I may think it is a Model A from Century Camera Co dated 1901
  20. Dany

    Batch of Kodaks

    What makes some collectors (like me) addicted to bakelite cameras is the variety of patterns and hues that can be found on produced specimens of the same model. This is due to the non-repeatability of the results obtained during the mixing of the powders and the baking of the bakelite. In...