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  1. skylark

    Cannock Chase

    Took this on my Boxing Day walk in woods near my home, A large housing estate is 200m/yds to the left !!! Just a quick capture with my cheapo digital while I searched for shots to take with a proper camera (Bronica SQB since you ask ) :) .
  2. skylark

    Critiques please

  3. skylark

    Critiques please

    Taken in Cromwell church Notts. I used fill in flash at 1/60 exposure. I have adjusted in PS to give what I think is a reasonable image. Your views much appreciated
  4. skylark

    One man and his duck :-)

    Caught this angler oblivious to the duck (maybe a goose ?) preening itself alongside. The duck has it's head in it's wing. Just thought it was humorous, then again I am from the West Midlands. Bostin pictcher thow ayit aarkid ? (translation available on request) :):)
  5. skylark

    Rest a While

    Taken just a few feet from the shot in 'Lakeside'. Just 3 days ago ... wish I was back there ;) Comments as always most welcome
  6. skylark


    OK it's twee and predictable - but I think it's pleasant enough. Your views ? Taken with a vivitar sub £100 p and S dig
  7. skylark


    A photo of my Dad taken as part of a college portfolio. I know the shadows intrude a little onto a full face shot but it seems to capture him pretty well. Comments welcome.
  8. skylark

    Man Ray 'Copy' self portrait.

    This photo is inspired by a self portrait of Man Ray. Shot on a Lubitel with Tungsten lighting to get the 'old style' look, the original was shot in the 1920s. It IS supposed to be out of focus but I think I went a little too far. Your views are most welcome. - Image Hosting
  9. skylark

    Digicam photos

  10. skylark


    A print of a nearby war memorial. It records that of 80 men who left the small village in 1914 40 came back with no physical wounds, the other half were dead,missing or wounded. Lest we forget ! The print is on Ilford MG at grade 3. Film Dev is Forma R09 Comments welcome. (sorry about the...
  11. skylark

    B and W Image

    A local foundry, now in disrepair. I am quite pleased with this print , A close in crop from an earlier neg, printed on Ilford Cooltone using Cooltone developer. I love the textures but please let me know how it is for you. - Image Hosting
  12. skylark

    Experimenting with developers

    Hello, I have tried Cooltone/developer and paper on the attached two images. The first image is cooltone dev/cooltone paper and the second cooltone dev/std MGIV paper (both RC). I have tried to get midtones approx the same on both, though the first image looks darker. Both printed at the same...
  13. skylark

    Likely candidates ?

    These photogenic individuals were obviously responding to the 'Models required' sign on the window.:lol: Scanned from a colour print and modified to BW because it works better in monochrome IMHO. Comments welcome
  14. skylark

    Waterfall- Comments on the composition elements please.

    This is scanned from Kodachrome 64. Personally I like the look, I would welcome comments on the composition, subject etc. etc. Thanks CJB
  15. skylark

    The mighty pines of ... Cannock Chase ?

    It's amazing what a clear sky can do to a shot from the West Midlands of England. The light makes it look like another (sunnier) country !!!
  16. skylark

    A rose by any other name - would be a carrot ?

    Picture of roses in the garden taken to test my new e-bay prize (A calcuflash II). I forgot to move it after metering - hence the tight crop ! Anyway your views on how they look with fill flash much appreciated, is there enough shadow left to avoid a 'flat' image ? Taken with Pentax P30T...
  17. skylark

    Last Kodachrome

    Your comments on composition and the KC 'look' are most welcome.
  18. skylark


    More Kodachrome, this really does look like a postacard in print !! Nothing wrong with the 50s by the way :lol:
  19. skylark

    Old fashioned Kodachrome Look

    The scanned print looks like something right out of the '50s. Taken at Bradford on Avon last month on Kodachrome 64
  20. skylark

    Who are the vandals ?

    A photo of an old foundry, a comment on the loss of industry in my hometown. Anyway your comments please Film Adox 125, Developer IlfosolS @ 1+9 (two bath) Printed on Ilford MG at 3.5 Comments on composition, whether it conveys the message and the processing are all welcome. Thanks CJB