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  1. JohnWDavisJr

    Positive experience with Canon Repair Service

    I posted before about me buying a used 40d on ebay. Here is a follow up on the service. It had an error I figured I could fix once I got in my hands. Wrong, so off to Canon, I didn't know what to expect but heard it could be over $200. I was hoping for the best but come to find out that the...
  2. JohnWDavisJr

    Canon T2i/550D body only with extras

    I know I'm fairly new here, I recently bought myself another body (40d) and put more money into it than I wanted to. I love the 40d and don't really need the HD video that the T2i has so I was gonna sell it to recoup some of my money. It is in very good condition, lower shutter count. I can get...
  3. JohnWDavisJr

    40d is at Canon repair

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and relatively new to DSLRs. Been using my Canon T2i for around 6 months. I decided recently to get an extra body. So I got a good deal on a 40d on eBay. Had an issue that I thought I could fix myself, which I can't. Plus the shutter count wasn't disclosed either. Long...
  4. JohnWDavisJr

    Hello! I'm John from Pittsburgh

    Have had a Canon T2I rebel for about 6 months (first DSLR) and have been learning. Luckily my brother-in-law is a very good photographer and has been showing me the ropes. I also have been using youtube and other online information to help with photography. I love it, and getting better every...