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  1. xDarek

    New partner

    I got my new member on the family and I decided to take some photos of him.
  2. xDarek

    Some headshots of my sister.

    I took these photos today, and I think the focus on the eyes is amazing, what do you think? #1 #2
  3. xDarek

    First shots with my D5100.

    These are some the best shots that I got today with my new dSLR camera D5100.I used the standard lens, a 18-55 mm VR II, f/3.5-5.6.I want to know what do you guys think.
  4. xDarek

    Buying my first DSLR, Nikon D5100

    Hi guys, I'm going to buy a Nikon D5100 and I want to hear some opinions about it, it's my first DSLR camera so I buy something cheaper. Sent from my SM-N9005 using mobile app
  5. xDarek

    I caught my first woodpecker.

    I know this is not such a sharp photo, it was pretty far from me, but I'm pretty happy that I got this shot, what do you think?
  6. xDarek

    I would like some critique on this pic

    I want to know what do you think about this photo.C&C welcome!!
  7. xDarek


    I took this photo when I was outside with my friend, I found it on a table si I light it up and shoot it.What do you think? ( Feedback apreciated)
  8. xDarek

    Kitty trying to hunt

    So, this is my cat looking for birds.I think that he was hungry :)).Feedback apreciated :D
  9. xDarek

    Canon Eos 1200D

    I need some opinions on Canon Eos 1200D.I'm still a begginer and I have a bridge camera.I want to upgrade so what do you think about this camera for a begginer? Is it good or bad?
  10. xDarek

    Flower with waterdrops

    Feedback apreciated :D
  11. xDarek

    Flying pigeon shot

    Feedback apreciated :D
  12. xDarek

    Close shot

    Feedback apreciated :D
  13. xDarek

    In house flower

    Feedback apreciated! :1219::1219::1219:
  14. xDarek

    Fail or good

    I don't know if this is a fail, what do you think?
  15. xDarek

    My parrot

    First time when I catch a bird flying.What do you think? I tried a lot to get her when she is flying.Feedback apreciated.
  16. xDarek

    Best friends forever

    They are best friends forever.After I took the photo they flew away togheter.What do you think about this pic.Feedback apreciated :D
  17. xDarek

    Iced water

    I did this photo for fun.What do you think?
  18. xDarek

    My friends photo

    This is one of my friends photo.He asked me if I can out his photo because he want to know what he did wrong.He is not speacking English so he can't put it.I told him that the picture is dark and unfocused and there is a lot of noise.The image is not good at all but he wants to see what do you...
  19. xDarek

    Here's my girl

    Finally I got the pciture with her looking at the camera.Everytime I want to take a pic of her he turn her head around and she runs. She doesn't like make photos :D.What do you think about this pic?
  20. xDarek

    I need help

    Can someone give me so tips or some tutorials at how to shoot birds that are flying.I know about the ISO and the shutter speed, I also have a tripod but I don't know how to position myself, how to control the camera to get the photo.Does the bird have to fly or shoud I scare her and then take...