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  1. AfternoonTea

    Fujifilm X-T1 or Fujifilm FinePix X100S (GOODBYE DSLR)

    I've sold off all my DSLR gear, and ditched it completely. For the longest time I've loved FujiFilm as far as when I was a kid. Today when taking film photography I still use there film rolls on my LOMO LC-A+ Russian lenses. I'm not getting paid; just a passion hobby. My opinion on DSLR was that...
  2. AfternoonTea

    Busting out the Ray-bans

    I took this self-portrait with ease, nothing too serious at all. I usually never take pictures with my glasses on; and I needed to update my social media default picture :wink: I went for a B&W feel. To get that real honest profile picture feel I challenged myself not to use my photo/recording...
  3. AfternoonTea

    Problem with Lens Correction in Lightroom to Photoshop RAW?

    I have Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6. I shot RAW with a 60D, and when ever I edit in lightroom I like to use the lens correction when using my Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 IS to fix the barrel distortion, and lightroom picks up the lens type within the RAW. On the other hand I apply the lens correction...
  4. AfternoonTea

    Best ChromaKey Software for Portraits?

    I'm experimenting with green screen photography, and was wondering what would be the best software for Chromakey work? I have Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. I don't really like how Photoshop does it, and Lightroom does not have Chromakey feature. I'm looking for very fine perfect Chromakeying for...
  5. AfternoonTea

    Does ISO effect Image sharpness?

    I know sharpness has many factors such as lenses, sensor, resolution. I also know that A smaller ISO setting has less noise than a higher setting so a smaller ISO in theory gives apparent sharper images than a higher ISO value. Lets say if we were to narrow it down to a controlled environmental...
  6. AfternoonTea

    Sunny 16 vs Lenses sharpest F-stop (Portrait)

    Next week I'm going on a photo-shoot on a sunny clear blue sky day, and I was wondering what rule I should lean on? I use a Canon 50mm Prime 1.4 lens, and I noticed that the sweet spots for sharp and blurry backgrounds is around F-stop 2.8 - 5.8. If I want to take a nice portrait with exposure...
  7. AfternoonTea

    Recommendations for Light Bulbs?

    A couple days ago my friend, and I were packing up my lighting kit. It composes of three light stands with two umbrellas. Well a little accident happened, and he accidentally knocked down a light stand with a light bulb on it. I laughed, as its no big deal (really as long as nobody got hurt). I...
  8. AfternoonTea

    First Self-Portrait in Black & White.

    How is my first Self-Portrait in Black & White? I was going for a high exposed 60's influenced feel of Self-Portrait. I used myself as the subject. Thank you for reading. Black And White by Afternoon Tea Time, on Flickr moved thread
  9. AfternoonTea

    My First go at B&W Self-Portrait

    (Administrative or Moderator please close this, and delete as I posted my photo in the wrong thread for C&C portraits, I'm deeply sorry. )