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  1. dave196

    Portrait of a friend C&C

    Hey all, took this portrait of a good friend of mine on monday with my new f/1.8 50mm Nikon, on my rough enough D70. Was taken with studio lighting at my college, and edited in photoshop cs4. C&C welcome.
  2. dave196

    Portaits, for Panel. C&C welcome.

    Hi again all, been playing around with some lighting and the dave hill look. Think I have it just about right. Im doing this series as a scholarship panel for NCEA Level 3 (last year of high school in New Zealand). I dont awnt any "true photography is unphotoshopped blah blah" because the...
  3. dave196

    Portraiture, Dave Hill? (im sorry)

    For a level 3 scholarship paper (last year of high school), our task was to emulate a modern photographers style. I chose to do Dave Hill style portraits, using a studio light rig, and various editing programmes, here are my results. C&C welcome (unless your here to get onto the whole "get...
  4. dave196

    Breaking waves, New Zealand.

    Just one I took whilst out on a shoot in Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand. C&C appreciated.
  5. dave196

    Some still life

    Got a few classes of on wednesday, so used the chance to go into the photography room at my school for a few hours and play round with the lighting rigs and what not. Here are a few of my faves: C&C welcome
  6. dave196

    Steen Doessing Emulation

    Just been doing an artist model study on Steen Doessing, for 7th form scholarship photography. Heres my pick of the bunch: C&C welcome, and appreciated :P Oh and if anyone can geuss what it is, i will have ample respect.
  7. dave196

    Portrait session.

    Here are a few of the better images I took in a recent portrait session I did for a friend. Shot with: Nikon D70 Sigma 35-70 1:3.3-4.5 C&C welcome Thanks :)
  8. dave196

    holiday at kaiteri 09

    Here are a few photos from my family holiday to kaiteri, a lovely place in new zealand. C&C welcome. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 7.5 8. peace
  9. dave196

    Southern Gull

    A gull dive bombing me due to it being nesting season, dont worry i wasnt disturbing the nests, its a public walkway and an area I have grown up around. Was very very rushed shot so focus not quite right, no photoshop at the moment, so just used curves on photobucket. C&C welcome. Photo taken at...
  10. dave196

    Im in christmas, and you are not.

    So i think i win the race to christmas here on tpf, its 12.01 am, december 25th 2008. Yay New Zealand time zones, GMT +12! It feels christmassy already. seasons greetings everyone. Quite sad that im still up stitching a 27 photo panoramic for the architecture comp! merry christmas tpf!
  11. dave196

    New lens, or lens attatchment?

    Hey tpf, just got a nikon d70, with a 35-70 lens. Wanting a lens that will do wide angles ok, and for a good price. So i was thinking about getting a 0.45x wide attatchment, is their anything wrong with this? Or is it worth the extra money to get a new lens, and if so which cheaper lens's are...
  12. dave196

    butterfly while window washing

    This morning i was outside washing the windows when i spied a beautful butterfly on the window, so i grabbed my vivitar point and shoot and took a few shots. computers broken so no photoshop etc, nicked my sisters laptop to upload. 1. 2. 3.
  13. dave196

    D70 questoins?

    Hey TPF, just about to buy a d70 second hand. about 5k shots taken and its cheap (im in New Zealand so prices are a bit higher than US, and currency converters etc) so im not Nikkor AF going to list figures. Anyway Is this an alright lens "nikkor AF 35-75" its what the one im buying comes...
  14. dave196

    Hello from New Zealand.

    Thought id properly introduce myself here. Im dave, 16 years old from the garden city, new zealand. Mainly have been doing film photography, in the process of purchasing my first dslr kit. Other stuff: I love throwing clay pots, painting teeshirts, and the darkroom. Fan of Ryan russel, because...