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  1. Nimitz

    Photoshop CS5 differences

    Ok, so I just got CS5 installed on my new laptop where I had been running CS3 before & 2 difference icons appear on my desktop ... a 64bit version & 32bit version. So can anyone tell me the difference bewteen these 2? When woukld I use 64bit vice 32bit & can I jump between the two with an...
  2. Nimitz

    Upcoming 2009 calendar

    Here's an image I did for the month of October in an upcoming 2009 calendar
  3. Nimitz

    Kauai Blow Hole sunset

    As promised ...
  4. Nimitz


    This little guy paused jsut long enough to capture this image before he jumped on my wife's head to get some nectar she was feeding them
  5. Nimitz


    working in Kauai a few months ago where I had some great views of sunsets. Aftering figuring out the best location I went and set up about 45 mins early - the Sheraton I was staying at always had a crowd of people watching every sunset so I needed to get a clear lane early. Just before I...
  6. Nimitz

    Indian river Sunset

    Working on images for a calendar ... C&C please
  7. Nimitz

    Photoshop CS3 ext: adding text

    Simple question: I'm adding some text to an image put want to orient the text at an angle other then horizontal or vertical to line up with something within the image. Can someone tell me how to orient text at an odd angle? Thanks
  8. Nimitz

    Pricing question

    I recently returned from attending a friend's wedding in Whistler, Canada and while there my wife & I and 2 friends went dog sledding. Of course being a pet photographer I took a lot of images of the dogs before, during & after sledding. The company had a staff photographer who took some...
  9. Nimitz

    SB 600 dumb question

    I recently purchased an SB-600 flash unit for my Nikon D200. I already have a full studio strobe setup and understand flash photogrpahy with strobes (exposure is only controlled by apeture setting & camera is set to flash sync speed of camera, etc, etc). However, I went to a wedding over the...
  10. Nimitz

    Softbox vs umbrella

    Can someone discuss the pros & cons of softboxes vs umbrellas? Are there situtations where an umbrella would be preferable over a softbox?
  11. Nimitz

    Studio strobes and manual focus

    I've been reading some tutorials lately that all seem to talk about using manual focus versus auto focus on your lens when shooting with studio stobes. Is it really necessary to do this and why?
  12. Nimitz

    Ext TV tuner

    Does anyone have any experience with using a LCD computer monitor vice a regular TV to preview their photographs outside the camera preview LCD? Specifically I'm talking about a Nikon D200 where you plug in the supplied RCA cable into a "TV" which allows your images to be displayed on the TV...
  13. Nimitz

    Nikon Camera Control Pro question

    I recently downloaded a trial version of Nikon Capture Pro but when I connect the camera to my computer USB port the s/w says that no camera is attached. I can't find any troubleshooting questions or FAQs which taslk to this. Is there some setting on the D200 I need to set?
  14. Nimitz

    Need help from Nikon D200 owners

    I would like to use my laptop to preview images vice the LCD screen on the camera. I know that using the supplied video cable you can plug the camera into any TV with an RCA jack and use the TV as a monitor to preview images but I don't own a nice small TV to put in my studio. Since my laptop...
  15. Nimitz

    Release for shooting someone's property

    Ok, we all know that when a photographer takes a photograph that they own the copyright unless they choose to sell it or give it away. We all also know that in order to use a photograph of a person where that person's likeless is recoganizable you need to secure some type of signed release. So...
  16. Nimitz

    Pricing: paper photos vs electronic?

    Anyone have any general guidelines (or places I can go look) about pricing hard copy photos for clients vs providing them the image digitally. I have pricing down for hard copy photos but I have a portrait shoot coming up shortly in which the clients may want an electronic copy of the image...
  17. Nimitz

    Selling lights on-line

    Can anyone recommend any on-line places which buy used lighting systems other than E-bay? I've already checked with Calumet & Adroma and they are not interested. I've also listed the equipment on this site as well. Thanks
  18. Nimitz

    Lighting system for sale

    I have the following for sale: 2 Britek 600 watt ‘Cool Flo’ daylight (5200K) fluorescent light packs. Includes 4 bulbs per system, 24x24 softbox, speed ring & bulbs 1 Britek 150 watt “Cool Flo’ daylight (5200K) fluorescent light w/reflector & 1 bulb 1 Britek 150 watt ‘Cool Flo’ daylight...
  19. Nimitz

    Nikon accessory cable question

    I currently own a Nikon D200 and am looking for a cable that will allow me to preview images on my laptop vice the camera's LCD screen. The camera comes with an RCA cable which you can plug into the camera and then plug into any RCA port on a TV. Unfortunately I would like to plug this cable...
  20. Nimitz

    Selective color images in PS3 CS Extended

    Hi all: I'd like to try my hand at a technique I've seen which I call 'selective color images'. I don't know what the common name for this technique is but it is where you take a color image and change everything in the image to B&W except for one ( or several) individual items in the image. An...