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  1. ChaseH

    iPad Pro

    Thanks for the replies. I'm watching the new MacBookPro release live right now and that's probably where I'm headed. The more powerful desktops may still be preferred, but I'm at best an amateur photographer and this needs to fill a few other functions as well.
  2. ChaseH

    iPad Pro

    I need to refresh my personal computing equipment. Has anyone worked with Lightroom mobile on an iPad pro or other apps on an iPad pro for their primary editing? Is it a reasonable device to process digital photos?
  3. ChaseH

    24 Hours of Le Mans

    Nice shots! I was there too for the first time this year. Came home last Saturday and haven't had the energy to go through them yet. I hope some of the shots in the rain will be interesting. What an outstanding event! I must have been standing nearby, as I too ended up on that Audi terrace...
  4. ChaseH

    IMS MotoGP 8/10/14

    Yes, it is tough without credentials, which I didn't have to shoot. There's one spot, which I believe is inside turn 6, that has a large opening, not just the photographers well, and gives a good opportunity for a panning shot of them coming by. That's where the first photo of Vale above was...
  5. ChaseH

    IMS MotoGP 8/10/14

    Pushing my luck w a 200m at a very long distance
  6. ChaseH

    Motorsport -- panning, SS & motion

    Indy MotoGP 2014 Valentino Rossi Yonny Hernandez Andrea Iannone
  7. ChaseH

    Figure at Rodin Museum

    Thanks Timor, I hadn't even considered that, which is caused by the corner of the room. Now I can get my eyes off the shadows created by the statue after considering the bands on the edge of the shot.
  8. ChaseH

    Figure at Rodin Museum

  9. ChaseH

    Paris Bicycle

  10. ChaseH

    World Superbike at Laguna Seca Sept 2013

    Guigliano in the Corkscrew
  11. ChaseH

    World Superbike at Laguna Seca Sept 2013

    Melandri exits the Corkscrew
  12. ChaseH

    World Superbike at Laguna Seca Sept 2013

    I struggled quite a bit here. Late day Sept sun made for tough lighting, and I had a hard time balancing that with the speed. A few looked alright, but not my favorites. Amazing place though! Tom Sykes, likely season's champion Marco Melandri, BMW is leaving the series after this year. A...
  13. ChaseH


    Yeah, I'm envious of being able to get to this final piece.
  14. ChaseH

    Lindsey~ Boudoir-ish [NSFW]

    I think they're really well constructed but maybe a bit of fill on her? The lighting in the room conveys a mood, but her own features are too dim.
  15. ChaseH


    I love it, could you talk a bit about what went into getting the shot and the post effects?
  16. ChaseH

    Personal purpose

    Bangkok is amazing.
  17. ChaseH

    Underwater Photos and Underwater Portrait Question

    Lighting from strobes is the most important tool for capturing images underwater. As mentioned earlier, there's a lot of particulate in the water. Having an external strobe, which is extended away from the camera body, helps eliminate the scatter and brings out the actual colors. For best...
  18. ChaseH

    Elephants of the Okavango (Backyard safari)

    Go ASAP, it's the greatest thing in the world to see in person. This one's bathing/eating in the Chobe river
  19. ChaseH

    Lots of folks posting owls today

    Yup, it was in Etosha reserve, Namibia this past April. The animal life is of course amazing. Beyond the big game, there are always compelling bird sightings, almost every moment.
  20. ChaseH

    Lots of folks posting owls today

    Cape Eagle-Owl. Hiding under a bush at about 40-50 yds.