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    Early Morn'

    Nice picture, the only thing I noticed is the foreground is a little dark. Also when did you take that picture...I know its cold in Ontario now :D
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    Turkey Vulture

    Nice pictures
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    Moon shot anyone?

    Hi all, Those are some great moon shot. I have attached a moon shot that I took last summer with a lens I rented. Enjoy, C&C welcome.
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    Fort Worth Zoo

    Nice pictures. I really like #5 and #6. I have alwas wanted to go to the zoo and take pictures.
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    Bad Lens Cap

    Do you have an UV filter to protect you lens? Its a good idea to have one, that way even if you cap comes off the filter will still protect the lens. Also if you ever bump the lens when shooting it will protect the lens from breaking.
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    Couple Long Exposures

    Nice pictures.
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    My Therapy Place

    Nice picture, I like the water. The only thing is that the high lights in the sky look burnt out.
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    Evening Light...but at a Different Pond

    Nice picture. I know that's an HDR, but I just have one question do you just do different exposures or do you add different skies/backgrounds? I really want to start doing HDR's any info would be great.
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    Bulb Explosion

    Neat Photo, how did you time the shot to get it when it exploded?
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    Seek Your Void

    Very nice picture. I really like the lighting effects.
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    Some Car Pics

    Ya I like that much better. I would like to try that some time too.
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    Some Car Pics

    I like number 3, I think you did a good job panning, but you could crop the picture.
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    Digital Camera in sub-zero temperatures

    Like the others said, keep your camera in a ziped locked bag when you are changing tempertures. I have done this before with my XTi and have had no problems. Also make sure you don't change lenses in the cold, it could cause condinsation on the sensor.
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    Macro shots of reef corals...

    I really like numbers 1 and 5.
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    Cutest photo you will ever see!

    Thats a very cute picture of your dog.
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    Hate to post a sunset pic, But check this out.

    Very nice sunset picture...But I do agree with others, the watermark really distracts the viewer and ruins the picture.
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    Hot Bridge

    THORHAMMER thats a really great picture. I really love the lights and the color. Is it just one exposure or is it an HDR?
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    Building activity in Russia

    Interesting Shoot, but it seems a little out of focus?
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    Swedish Sunset

    Very Nice Shoot...I really love the sky's color.
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    Which camera to choose?

    Go with an XTi or XT. Its the best entry level camera on the market. Also you not limited to which lenses will work with the camera , like the D40. Thats just my 2 cents.