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  1. juju

    finally our own site

    we had an adobe made site for a while but now we have a proper one. my missus is very pleased which makes me happy :) (no headaches)
  2. juju

    Upgrading my 400D

    Hi, im thinking of upgrading my eos 400D as we are getting more and more work in. i will still keep it as a back up but was curious if anyone had any advice on where i should go. im currently looking around £1500 spending. ideally id like to keep it canon so i can use the lenses and 580ex II...
  3. juju

    The Moon

    Hiya, there was a nice moon out tonight so i thought id have a go at photographing it. i took out some of the light in PS as i think it shows more detail.
  4. juju

    lightmeter tutorial

    hiya, my fiancee just bought us a Gossen digipro f lightmeter. i dont know the first thing about lightmeters but i wouldnt mind trying it out tomorrow when i take some portrait shots. can anyone explain the basics of what to do with the meter and exactly what its telling me to do with the...
  5. juju

    MACRO help

    Hiya, i just got my new canon 100mm macro lense and a 25mm Extension tube. ive not yet got my ring flash thats coming in a couple of weeks. ive taken a few pics with it and would really appreciate some tips on increasing DOF as i appear to only have a very small area to work with. i understand...
  6. juju

    Storage of old images

    Hiya, i had a good clear out of images we dont need anymore ie jobs weve done. as a policy i try and keep work photos for around 12 to 18 months just incase. i did a back up and i am now using up 12 dvd and my image total is around 22,000. can anyone suggest a quicker and easier way of...
  7. juju

    Some more from the party fireworks

    hiya, heres some more fireworks i took from the party i went to. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. If anyone has any tips on a frame type to use once ive cropped these etc please let me know. thanks
  8. juju

    Muddy field + Heavy wind + fireworks = Angelic Image

    hiya, this is one of the shots i took this weekend at a 50th birthday party. seeing as they dont have fireworks that Angels or Fairys appear out of im guessing this is wind assisted not that im complaining. :)
  9. juju

    digital framing

    hi, just a quickie, i did a search on the forums but didnt find anything to do with this question so can someone point me where to get some tips on adding frames in photoshop elements and by frames i mean borders. thanks
  10. juju

    Photo Framing.

    Hi, does anyone in the UK know of a good online company i could purchase bulk orders of cardboard photo frames from. the frames i mean are the ones you used to get with your school photos. thanks
  11. juju

    Lense quality - Canon, Sigma, Tamron

    Hi, ive noticed lately some really really nice pics taken with Sigma and Tamron lenses. not sure why but for my Eos 400D ive always bought canon lenses as i assumed they would be the better choice. is this necessarily the case or do Sigma and Tamron lenses for Canon cameras perform just...
  12. juju

    Photographing Fireworks

    Hi, i have just been asked to document a party which includes a disco in a marquee and a fireworks display. does anyone have any tips for photographing fireworks and disco as i have never done either before. its not till november so i have some time to prepare
  13. juju

    Florida Holiday Seaworld Shot

    Hi, heres a photo actually taken by my fiancee and she thinks its ok. personally i think its great so i thought id stick it on here to see what you guys think. i lowered the res a little to decrease file size for photobucket. be as harsh or as pleasant as you want :)
  14. juju

    Copy Proofing images

    Hi, can anyone tell me the best way of showing a quantity of images to a customer without leaving them with the means to get pictures printed themselves without me knowing. i know its deceiving on their behalf but i trusted someone once and got burned and dont want it to happen again.
  15. juju

    Elements to CR3 ?

    Hi, i currently use elements 4 to do all my photo editing but have the oppertunity to upgrade. is it worth me spending the £500 to get CS3 or should i just bump up to elements 5 for £39.99. I know elements is designed basically for digital photography and as thats what i do wasnt sure if there...
  16. juju

    People and My Pet DUDLEY

    heres my brother, his fiancee and in the other pic my boy Dudley. he is Vizla/ Collie cross and he is 5 months old.
  17. juju

    Buying 3 lenses HELP!

    Hi, ok i was thinking of getting some lenses for my Canon 400D and thought of the following but my lense knowledge sucks so shoot me down if necessary. me and the missus do all kinds of photo shoots so it is going to be handy to have a nice range even if their not top of the range so here...
  18. juju

    My Girls

    heres a picture i really love although im totally open to criticism, in fact id love to know what people think or any ideas to improve them.
  19. juju

    Little Angel or is he ???

    managed to get this shot in the few seconds he actually stood still for the entire time lol some tinkering with color on the eyes in photoshop the rest was just edited through the RAW options please Critique
  20. juju

    Online printing service settings

    hi, anyone know what resolution and dpi i should not go below before i start to lose image quality when printing with an online photo service ie photobox. i ask because i have nearly 3gb of photos to upload and wanna reduce the file sizes down as much as possible before uploading but i dont...