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    Charging out of state clients question

    I have a client who is from my town in Alabama but now lives in New Orleans. I have done her engagement portraits and will be doing her wedding both of which are in Alabama. She has asked me to do a bridal session for her in New Orleans. She has agreed to pay for lodging and gas expenses...
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    My first bridal session....c&c welcome

    We had so much fun doing these!! The bride didn't request the horse but she was included in the pasture....she was so nosey and demanded her picture taken also!
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    I can not get good crisp clear focus on my pictures. I use a Nikon D60 with a kit lens. I took these pictures on Aperture priority wiith f4.6, white balance set to cloudy, and 800 ISO. Would a 50mm 1.8 lens help me to get more crisp portraits? I'm just a self taught beginner. I made sure the...
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    Newborns are more fun!

    I had so much fun photographing this little guy! He did everything I asked of him and even smiled at me a few times! Let me know what you think, I'm still practicing newborn photography...also he is jaundice....
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    Another newborn practice session

    I had such a hard time getting this little guy posed! Try to ignore the wrinkles in the blue background, I'm still trying to edit them out....I can't get it to look right
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    My sweet girl

    My pretty girl has been helping me practice my newborn photography. I love the B&W! The second is nice too except the hat is pulled down too far or something?! The eyes are not enhanced at all in either portrait...
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    One from my last session

    This cutie is one! It was super hard to get a good shot of her because she was so full of energy! This is one of my favorites from her session
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    My first go at senior portraits

    This is my favorite shot from my first senior portrait session. I edited it using a preset action, called sun kissed, in photoshop. I love the way she looks so carefree. Im not crazy about the reflection of the trees in the water. I haven't mastered the editing process enough yet to fix that...
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    please critique

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    please critique

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    please critique

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    please critique my photo

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    please critique this photo

    Nikon D60, 50mm, aperture priority, white balance cloudy, ISO 400, f5.6ish. I love her eye peeking out. She's got that shy 2 year old personality
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    Please critique my photo

    I took this picture with my Nikon D60, 50mm lens, aperture priority, ISO 800 (may have been 400, can't remember), White balance to cloudy, natural light from a window, f5.6...