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  1. J

    Pictures from Haiti!

    I recently went to Haiti for a week :mrgreen: on a missions trip. I got a ton of sweet pictures. Here's a couple for you guys.
  2. J

    Looking for an SD card? This should last ya

    I found a post on Gizmodo about Lexar's new SD card. It is 128gb!!! I think it is the new biggest you can get. That's about 8000+ raw pictures. :lmao: But it's going to cost $700 :( Thought I would share. So SDXC Cards Go to 128GB Now
  3. J


    I thought I would share my Halloween amusement, and my not so happy cat. Nothing better then putting a chicken hat on a cat. :mrgreen: It was hard to get the pictures with him moving every 2 seconds! :blackeye: 1. My cat and his best friends 2. Captured how mad he was
  4. J

    First Photo Shoot C&C

    A little while ago I decided to practice portraits with my sister. What do you think? The biggest thing I struggle with is with different poses. Any tips? Thanks. 1. 2. 3.