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    The hoarde is growing stronger. What should I do?

    If you find this thread a little lighthearted, then I have certainly accomplished my goal. However, this is actually quite serious. For a while now, I have been buying vintage gear. Not to collect, but to get to use and enjoy for a few rolls, and then pass on to a worthy owner or collector. I...
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    The worlds first digital camera? Could it be?!?

    I was browsing feeBay today, looking for something worthwhile, when I happened across this. VINTAGE WORKING ARGUS C-3 DIGITAL CAMERA CASE LENS FLASH BUNDLE LOT | eBay Could it be? The worlds first digital camera? A STEAL at that price. Just thought I would share.
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    Shinano Pigeon

    I recently acquired this camera as part of an auction lot. I've gotten a lot of great cameras this way, and every single one I have been able to find a plethora of information on the internet for. In this case, I can hardly find anything at all! I don't expect it to be some rare find, but I do...
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    Lens filters - Is the expense worth the result?

    So I recently had a roll of 2007 expired, but kept frozen Kodak HIE Infrared film come into my possession. I want to use it correctly and use an IR filter with it. Now, I only have this one roll, so investing even in a used Hoya r72 at around $40 is a bit of a stretch. On eBay, there are cheap...
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    Brownie No.2A Folding Camera

    I recently acquired a Brownie No. 2-a folder, and a feature about it seems to be a bit odd. It doesn't have a front element to the lens. I searched all over for examples of this camera, and I am getting about a mixed lot of some that HAVE front elements, and some that dont. I can't determine if...
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    Silver and Light: My introduction

    Yes, hello. I figured I would take a second to introduce myself, since there is, after all, a forum just for such things. I am 25 years old, and I love to hunt, fish, and take photographs. I was introduced to photography about 10 years ago at my first job working for a sports action...