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    Looking for suggestions for Canon EOS Film Camera

    I have an Elan II listed on Craigslist here in the USA if you are interested.It is in excellent condition,comes with a new battery,30-80mm lens and case. It is too fancy for me to carry.I prefer the older ones.PM me for the link.Ron G
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    exif data for film

    No,I have never seen a negative with any EXIF info on it.I am sure that you would need some special accomodation provided by the camera to record that.I use Vuescan with all of my scanners.If there was a call for that in his software I am quite sure that he would include it,Mr Hamrick is very...
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    exif data for film

    I use Irfanview as my default photo viewer in windows and the EXIF info is just a click of the mouse.Ron G
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    exif data for film

    Well,helen ws right and I was not paying attention but you finally forced me to go and look.Here is the link to his review of the F6. I probably didn't read it too carefully because while thinking that it would be a nice feature to have I don't really expect to live long enough to own one.Ron G...
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    exif data for film

    As I said,it was one of the cameras I mentioned and I read it within the last few days looking through some of the Ken Rockwell reviews.Ron G
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    exif data for film

    Some of the later Nikon film cameras had that capability,maybe the F5,F6 or F100 I think. They had a slot for a memory card that recorded all the info for each shot to be read after you removed the film for developing Ron G
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    Need a program for my scanner.

    I agree and the Vuescan software is compatable with nearly all scanners.I have been using it for years.Ron G
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    Konica Autoreflex TC question... Please help! Sooo frustrated!

    The #675 zinc air hearing aid batteries are very close in voltage and discharge curve.You can buy them at any pharmacy.Ron G
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    strobonar futuramic

    You can measure the voltage at the hot shoe on the flash after it has charged to determine the voltage.Ron G
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    Broken light meter

    You will need to set the ASA settings for each camera the same for it to be calibrated properly.Ron G
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    Good Nikon camera + a "beater camera"?

    You can buy some very nice Nikons with lenses on Craigslist,I just paid $30.00 for an N80 with a Nikkor 28-80 lens.I bought a couple others,an N60 and an N65 with Quantray lenses for the same price.The N65 came with a Lowes camera bag as well. I bought them for the lenses for my D100. I would...
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    The free photo software "Irfanview" will give you the exif info.Click on Image/Info.Ron G
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    What camera do I need?

    There are plenty of them around on the auction sites,the one thing to watch for is the battery compartment door,that was the weak point on those cameras.The latches break on them.If you don't mind using the power supply even that won't be an issue.The power supplies are less than 10 bucks at...
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    What camera do I need?

    I always have a Nikon CoolPix 950 or 990 on hand to document my camera repairs or anything else that requires good macro capability.You can take a picture of a quarter and fill the page with fine detail. Having the ability to rotate the lens seperately from the LCD makes closeups a breeze.I will...
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    How can I get my negative scans to look like my prints?

    The scan will be the same whether the film is upside down or right side up.The scanner will never know the difference.You can usually flip the image in software with most scanner programs or any of the graphic/picture programs will do it if you happen to scan it upside down by mistake.Ron G
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    How can I get my negative scans to look like my prints?

    You need to make the adjustments in the scanner software to see your negative.I use Vuescan but most any scanner software will enable you to adjust brightness and contrast and tailor the upper and lower curves to bring out the details that you want. I find it very interesting that flatbed...
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    Convert Film to digital

    I have batch scanned slides using my Microtek 9600 XL and VueScan software.Once you get it set up to do the scan you can start it and walk away while it works. You can put many slides on the scanner surface and save yourself a lot of work.Ron G
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    looking for a budget photo scanner?

    There are a lot of flatbed scanners on ebay with transparency adapters for very little money.You can buy them for 20 bucks or so plus shipping.I buy Microteks when I am looking for a scanner but there are several others for cheap.I have half a dozen around here picked up on Craigslist or...
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    Advice on negative/slide scanners

    I have a PCMCIA SCSI card for my laptop but I think the newer laptops don't have the PCMCIA slot any more.You can still pick up the SCSI cards on the bay from time to time.I have an old Microtek Slide scanner but cannot find a slide holder for it.My current dedicated 35mm scanner is firewire or...
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    Nikon N80

    For what it is worth and not what you want to hear probably but I just bought a nice N80 with a Nikkor 28-80 lens for $30.00 cash. I am looking for lenses for my D100 but I also still shoot film.Ron G