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    You know what makes me LOL?

    I'm looking at lenses on ebay and they talk about how crisp and sharp and like new the lenses are and you go to look at the pics and they are totally (not just soft) out of focus, blurry even. :lmao: I'm supposed to trust the assessment of someone who can't even take a clear snap of a lens?:lol:
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    The strongest 3 year old on earth

    I was taking snapshots of my kids a couple weeks ago and I got this one. Then as we flipped through them, my son noticed it looks like the 3 yo picked up the 9 yo by the leg :lol: .
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    Treasure by the roadside

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    The Bard

    This is one of four pictures I got of this turtle. In each, his hands are slightly different and he turns his head as if he's pouring out his poetic little heart...
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    It could use a better noise cleanup, but I can't do it without losing more detail (and the water loses detail already. This is the second time I tried to get pictures of this shark his buddy and the first time not one picture came out, so this is an improvement...
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    My one good penguin shot...

    And before anyone mentions white balance...he had a blue light on him, so I am leaving him blue.
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    Penguins and otters

    First the penguins...I'd have to push past this crowd... 1. and try to focus past huge water drops on the glass... 2. and most of my underwater pics looked something like this: 3.
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    They aren't nearly as good as some of yours but I found al of these at the zoo and aquarium... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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    You've got mail

    Unless he gets to it first.... His little friend...
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    A Seahorse and Seadragons

    Okay, here's the three best shots in the seahorse exhibit. The seadragons are al in round tanks which make focusing difficult...we were getting dizzy trying to focus with our eyes. 1. Seahorse 2. Weedy Dragon... 3. Leafy Dragon
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    3 year old at the aquarium

    This one I used the flash on purpose and got almost what I wanted. The kids move almost as fast as the fish and with the crowd there, I wouldn't have another chance to get him alone, so I had to take what I could get.
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    Jellies, octopus, no flash allowed

    Be sure to see updated versions with reduced noise in post #7. Thank you for looking. I can only see the ISO equivalent on one of these at 1600. I'm pretty sure I bumped it to 3200 ("Hi" something on the d40, not listed as 3200) at least for the octopus because it was so dark and no flash...
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    Chattanooga Zoo

    Here's a few that turned out decent. I haven't edited or cropped them yet. I read what animal they are but I always forget the names... To read my explanation of some of my difficulties shooting at this zoo... First a little...
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    Zoo and Aquarium shots?

    I'm not asking to see any. I have a question about them. How to get around the cages and fences and 2 layered plexiglass and smudges on the glass? We took a day trip to Chattanooga today and decided to try out their zoo. Apparently the city has bought or aquired the Warner Park zoo and it...
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    The barn from last night's shoot

    This is across the street from the Old Abandoned Farm House I posted last night. Both will be torn down within the next year and a new 800 house subdivision will replace it all. First, there was a fire hydrant in the middle of nowhere... 1. Or so it seemed... 2. 3. 4...
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    It may be just a weed to you, but to me...

    it's home. I'm going to have to learn the reverse lens macro thing. I would have loved to get closer to this guy (gal?) 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    Old abandoned house

    I got "caught" taking pictures of this house and a barn across the street. Come to find out they've actually had problems with people breaking in...someone ripped the floor out to get copper wiring? Anyway, the owner said I was welcome to take pictures and it's slated to be torn down and...
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    Almost looks like selective color

    I found this at an old vacant house slated to be torn down soon. This one living hydrangea was hidden among the dead. No adjustments done. I may play with saturation later, but it just struck me as funny that everything is gray but the one flower and its leaves.
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    A little green visitor

    When we got home today we found a little green visitor waiting for my son to take him for a ride. 1. 2. 3. 4. We went in to clean up and 10 minutes later he was gone :meh: He didn't get to ride.
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    Would you just stop already with taking my picture?

    I loved this look on his face...