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    Photos taken with Fuji E900

    what do u guys think?
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    finaly got it

    i got it back finaly after 3 month....GODDDDD i got it back cause the ccd was broken ..but how did it broke i never drop it? the only thing i use are filters and the lens can that cause it or something? --
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    this pic was taken with my e900
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    Flash Question friends

    hey how are you? hey i need help in findin a slave flash for the fuji e900 PLEASEEEEEEEEEE ..?
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    Another Lens Question (sorry)

    i got this wide angel len for my cam and here are the spec 42x Pro Super Wide Angle Panoramic FishEye with High Quality Crystal Optics (8 Element) High Grade Lenses (FishEye & ) and my question is, it has this Fish eye look on the pics that i take it with it how can i prevent that or is...
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    lens help

    i am thinkin of buyin this items for my cam e900, i dont know much on lens so please help ...what do u think on this lens
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    micro photo...

    which one do you like and what can i do to make it better.. 1 2 3
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    hard to take..

    took this one last week.. <A href=""][/URL">
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    Cam Question?

    i seen the reviews and read everthing on this camara, but what do u guys think of the Fuji Finepix E900?
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    Printing question???

    when using the walgreens machine to have your digital picture copy does the small machine the u insert the memory card on, does that machine tranfer the photo at full pixel to the big machine to be copy? ps: i heard fuji's machines will copy at full pixels
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    Night Shots On these (56K sorry)

    most of the shot were taken like this, ps: i was using a tripod Flash used: No Focal length: 9.3mm (35mm equivalent: 43mm) CCD width: 7.78mm Exposure time: 3.000 s Aperture: f/4.5 ISO equiv.: 200 Whitebalance: Auto Metering Mode: matrix Exposure: shutter priority (semi-auto) 1...
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    More photos (feedback)

    well i took these on an event we had here in miami called Art Deco feedback thank you
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    What do i need

    what do i need to develope my on photos
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    First closeup pic

    well this is one of my first closeup that i took with this cam,i havent been able to take more but i will and ill get better ones
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    More pics that i took yesterday..(new GUy)

    well what i can i say i try...if there any advice please let me know...thanks
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    Pics Inside from new guy..

    hey whats up, well this pics are from miami beach they were taken on sunset..... ..
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    New Guy in here

    hey whats up, well i am from miami and soon to be posting some pics and hopefuly ill get some feedback on it.. :blushing: