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    Multiple Pictures

    How do you know that they haven't exercised their own judgement? Maybe they've already decided which image they like - and why, but they would like to see if their viewpoint is shared by others. Furthermore, they may be attempting to avoid introducing their own bias into the feedback they're...
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    When taking pictures?

    I grew up on a farm in a fairly urban area, and people were always acting like our land was public property. We generally didn't mind it if they were thoughtful and considerate. If they walked around the edges and didn't mess with any of the crops or the equipment, we typically didn't raise a...
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    Some Self Portraits -- C&C Please

    I think #1 works best for several reasons, the biggest being that you and the camera seem to be 'partners' in this one. You're more side-by-side (in all the others you're more of an afterthought hiding behind the camera), and you've got a symmetrical geometry going (you're parallel to the...
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    What if.

    Whenever I have a chance to talk to an "old timer" - I take it. You never know what they've done in their life that will blow you away. My dad's mall-walking group included a guy that flew in the Berlin airlift. I only got to talk to him once since I live on the opposite end of the country, but...
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    Should I be worried?

    Can't help you on your problem picture, but did want to say I'm diggin' the first picture of the wheels. It takes what is otherwise a great looking hod rod and makes it into something out-of-this-world. I don't like the quiet, normal residential area as the background, but that's probably...
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    Loose hair

    I'll be interested in seeing what anyone who has some idea of what they're talking about has to say, but ... . For me, I think this would be improved with a little more even lighting. Her right side is exposed pretty well, but the highlights on her left are just a bit too strong for my taste.
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    Can someone please help!!

    My only problem with this is the shallow DOF. The eyes look spot on focus, but the chin and forehead (especially the eyebrows) look soft. I don't have a problem with the narrow DOF going back from the eyes, but I really prefer everything coming forward to be fairly sharp. I also prefer the...
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    Cyclists at Silicon Valley Tour de Cure 2016

    I don't get as much "motion blur" from this as I do regular, ordinary blur, and it may be that you took the shot about a half-second too soon. At this angle (relative to his motion), you're not having to rotate that fast to keep him centered, so the background doesn't 'move' as fast either. If...
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    Threshers 2016 Wauseon, OH

    Having grown up on an orchard farm, I can assure you that the flared body protects a lot more than just the tree! There's nothing like having a thin, springy branch whip across your face when it's 40 degrees out, or having some of the bigger, stiffer branches of other trees trying to pull you...
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    How can I work with photographers around the world?

    In order to convince a professional photographer to work with you, you're going to need to show them how the partnership will benefit him. What are you offering that he cannot obtain on his own? In order to answer this question, you need to take a step back to understand how the professional...
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    Title this one! (Possible nsfw (bikini))

    Add me to the list of those who are not a fan of the arm placement. My problem with it is that there doesn't seem to be a reason for them to be where they are. She's not being shy, coy, silly, sexy, mysterious, ... . It's like she caught you out of the corner of her eye while stretching, and...
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    "Tree Of Life…"

    I agree about cutting off the edges of the tree, but not about removing the tombstones. The subject isn't so much the tree by itself, but the juxtaposition of the tree and the tombstones. I would, however, probably taken a step or two to your left. I don't know if this would make a better...
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    Family matters

    If she's writing this off as a business expense, you'd better have it listed as business income in your books. This is probably the only way you can even hope of passing the muster of the IRS. Even then, for it to make sense her business' tax bracket needs to be higher than yours.
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    Family matters

    I don't think we can give you a blanket answer because there are a lot of legitimate business reasons for charging for your services. She might, for instance, be working on a project that requires her to document her costs at current market rates. You probably want to sit down with her to...
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    How old can a little kid shoot a DSLR?

    You can give it to him whenever you like. If you want him to use it for anything other than a hammer or a teething device, you won't let him touch it until he's a good six years old - at minimum.
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    Is photography dying? or AlReaDy Dead? Or born Again? answer.

    This thread reminds me of a similar topic that comes up regularly in running forums - "Has the marathon experience been cheapened because so many more people are running marathons now?" In either field, the "elites" will always be a cut above the rest of us, but most of us will never reach that...
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    Just for FUN. What's this a picture of???

    Looks to me like a bit of a concrete waste-water channel with algae growing on it.
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    Amateur or pro? State fair entry

    I second contacting the contest officials; there opinion of what constitutes "professional" is - in the end - the only one that matters.
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    Is this all in my head, or in the photo?

    I'm not sure I would have seen what you describe because to me, the man on the left is not looking at the woman. I see him either looking down or with his eyes closed. I also see the woman looking more at the camera than at the two gentlemen in the front. I can certainly understand where your...
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    The difference between a photo and a snapshot?

    Several of the responses here boil down to "if you think about it, it's a photograph; if you just shoot it, it's a snapshot." One logical conclusion that can be drawn from this is that as one becomes more proficient at photography, he or she is more likely to take snapshots than photographs...