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    I like this photo and thought I would share it with you guys
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    missed and made 2 threads of the same post. Sorry
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    Baby Seagulls

    I went for a walk on the beach April 9 and took my camera with me. While out I found these baby seagulls walking up and down the beach. When I orig. took the pics of them I was like "there okay but nothing great" and left them on a memory i don't use. I was cleaning my cards and took a second...
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    Flickr Confusion

    I use flickr to host most of my photos I post here for the last year or so. I have always have used the bottom URL as the site link but just recently I was reading on the page where you find the link that u are supposed to use the long one when posting the photo and the short URL when you are...
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    C&C would be appreciated I went out last night for dinner with my family to a pier side restaurant for my 17th b-day. After I went to wreck near it and took some photos of the sunset These came straight off the camera no altering in any way (though they could use some)
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    Canon AE-1

    Hey guys I would like any of you own a AE-1 (bought mine on Ebay and would like to get a impression of what it is like) Thanks for passing through
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    My Hand's Up

    I was just on ritz camera and it seems that they are trying to get rid of there stock of discontinued Pentax *ist DL's and I was thinking of buying one to sell - I live on a island where we only have 1 Dslr seller and he sells Olympus E410's for over $800 :er:. But then I am rethinking this for...
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    Your Thoughts

    Here are 2 pics that I edited. When you finished I would be appreciated if you could answer all or any of the questions at the end. Thanks for stopping and checking this thread out :mrgreen: 1.What is your opinion on these two? 2.Does this evoke any emotion in you? 3.What can be done to fix...
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    How did you spend The Last minutes of '08

    I took a nice long bath and then at 11:55 I made my way outside and waited for 11:59:45 and took a 30 second exposure, which ended January 1, 2009 12:00:15 What did you do to end 2008?
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    What should I choose

    I have been thinking of buying a new lens for my D40. My problem is I can't decide if I should buy a nifty-fifty or a 55-200 or not get a lens at all and buy a Sb-600. The reason I can't decide is that I am a noob to photography - 6 months - and I keep on hearing that it is good to use a fixed...
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    I've Got 2 Big Problems

    The Sensor on my D40 has dust on it -noticeable dust when using flash or bright light :(. I'm going to Orlando in a few days and would like to know if there are any good sensor cleaners in Orlando. Or if you know a good cleaning accessory. I've heard of the one from visible dust but wanna know...
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    Need A lot of advice

    This designer guy got in touch with a classmate of mine and wanted her to find some teenage models to model his clothing line for a shoot & a photographer. One of my friends got this classmate to commission me to do the photo-shoot :D (well they had another classmate in mind to do the photos soo...
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    Is It Just my D40 or me?

    I've had my D40 for just over 4 months and find myself using manual focus and manual mode a lot of the time. Not because I like to - I do but not this much - but because the metering on my D40 is sorta off -wanted to use retarded but found that word a little to harsh. And just so you all don't...
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    I Was Bored

    Soo I decided to post some of my newest pics here because in the Photo Gallery Forums you have to wait days to get any good comments:meh: (no disrespect just opinions here guys & girls) Any who here they are *The first 2 were taken at 5 p.m using a strobe 1. 2. *I wanted this one to be dark...
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    Choose One

    Soo I took some photos yesterday which I felt were really good and showed them to my younger sister and asked her how they looked on a scale of 1-10 and she said 3 which really ticked me off I felt that they were at least a 4. And she told me I've taken better but I was like I'll just let yall...
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    My Favorites

    I started taking photos since school ended for summer (June 6) and decided to share my personal favorites since then with you (which outta 700+ is 4 :meh:) I appreciate all C&C the good and the bad 1. 2. 3. 4. Some Info #1 was taken from a cabin on a boat #2 was meant to be overexposed so...
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    Firework & Sparklers

    Well not fireworks per-se but sparklers Taken Friday and Sunday night all taken at shutter speed 8 seconds and F11 1 2 My Initials :D 3 4 5 C&C is always appreciated and I know they may need to be cropped a little
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    Your Opinion

    I went out to the beach yesterday, with my only lens a 18-55 :(, to watch my sisters participate in race. I knew I wouldn't be able to take any pictures of them racing so I took some before and decided to try something new in Gimp but I am having mixed feelings about both. I would appreciate...
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    Red & Pink Flower(s)

    I went to a beach yesterday just before it was going to rain and found to 2 flowers I liked and had some fun with them in Gimp C&c appreciated 1 2 3 4 5