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    Leica CM Limited Edition $850 This Leica CM is in near mint condition and has the Ever Ready case #18561 as part of the kit as well as all documentation, the original box and the warranty card has never been filled out. Asking $850, free shipping, no tax, using google checkout for...
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    eyes of an angel...

    i like it a lot -- keep doing what you're doing
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    re-edited self portrait (trip to the 50s)

    has nothing to do with the title, doesn't look like any vintage 50's style photos -- look pixelated and it just doesn't work for me...
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    Blues in Black and White

    They were shot at 3200 on Ilford hp5 400 film, yes, they're grainy. They were also printed on color paper thru a machine. My lens is immaculately clean - could be in the processing or printing phase
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    Blues in Black and White

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    New Beale Street Stuff

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    Girl on Beale Street

    she was definitely getting the attention she craves, and she knew everybody was looking at her ...
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    Girl on Beale Street

    typical loser stoner boyfreind... had my hands been quicker and my angle lower, she'd have been dead center
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    Girl on Beale Street

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    Bluesmen on Beale Street

    This was taken during a blues competition -- one had a gig, the other was spectating, they play together often... I believe they were pontificating the spectacular specimen of female anatomy that has recently passed before them (talking about a hot chick) - or were just catching up on events...
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    Bluesmen on Beale Street

    aren't all bluesmen poets? This is part of my ongoing series of Blues photography -- Both of these guys are great at acoustic delta blues as well as an electric blues that is very powerful
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    Bluesmen on Beale Street

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    Jesus Saves

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    Anyone do any concert photography?

    well, my own opinion: 1) Start small, photograph local bands in small clubs 2) Give copies of the prints to the musicians 3) don't pop flashes in their faces. 4) I use 400 or faster film, no flash and fast lenses - no need for a flash 5) shoot enough, carry samples with you - you'll soon get...
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    Anyone do any concert photography?

    lots more at
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    Night Blues

    I've got a slew of both him and other horn players at
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    Night Blues

    All on Beale Street -- I spend a lot of time there...
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    a couple shots of sarah...

    very nice - well done
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    christmas pics