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    Yet more cameras - Yashica A, Kodak oldies, etc.

    Gorgeous 3A! They are very nice cameras and your 1A Autographic Jr suffers from that common malady that so many do of missing leather on the metal portions of the front.
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    Film for a baby brownie

    Here is another source for 127 film. They seem to sell out pretty quickly but they always seem to get another batch in for sale.
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    PNC Park in Pittsburgh

    Thanks everyone for your C & C it is really appreciated. I am disappointed in the second picture also, I concentrated on the clouds too much and forgot the rest. hotrocks...thanks for the idea of using HDR, I will try and remember this in the future. KristinaS and mrodgers....yeah it will...
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    PNC Park in Pittsburgh

    Just a couple of pictures from what a lot of people, including me, consider one of the best parks in Major League Baseball. The second picture was taken just before dusk. I was trying to get the cloud formations as there was a storm around us. The storm missed us and the game continued.
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    Just a personal opinion but I think you should leave the piercings in. Part of who you are and the are visually pleasing.
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    A Couple of Kodak Special Six-20 questions.

    I have a question for the collectors of old Kodak folders. I recently purchased a Special Six-20 on eBay. It has a Compur-Rapid shutter and a Kodak Anastigmat f/4.5 lens. According to Jim and Joan McKeown’s “Collectors Guide to Kodak Cameras” the combination should be an Anastigmat Special...
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    Vintage Cameras and Parts

    Most if not all of these parts and cameras are worth something. There are a lot of us who love to tinker and play around with old cameras. Check out eBay for people selling parts and old cameras to get some kind of idea what the market is for them. In addition to the cameras that nealjpage...
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    Our cat Harley. He is just a bit perturbed as we were trying to wake him up and take his picture.
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    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for the welcome. It is aways nice when you join some place and people take the time to say hi. That's not always the case so once again Thank You.:)
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi I'm Jonas. I'm just starting to get serious about photography and while doing a search I came across this site. I hope as I get more into photography I will be here more.