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  1. On the beach

    On the beach

    Image taken at Annes Town in Waterford Ireland
  2. Grey's Court Wedding

    Grey's Court Wedding

    Taken in York, Yorkshire.
  3. Bride in the Minster Gardens

    Bride in the Minster Gardens

    Taken in York, Yorkshire
  4. Just Walking

    Just Walking

    Taken in York, Yorkshire
  5. Wedding Work

    Wedding Work

    Some of my wedding photographs from my Portfolio.
  6. JasonOliverPhoto


    When you look at grain you can also consider it as texture which can work in certain situations. In this situation it works for me. The one draw back in this image is that if you are shooting macro/ detail work make sure your main subject is pin sharp. But overall I like it.
  7. JasonOliverPhoto

    Where should the subject look?

    It depends on what aspect of the subjects personality you are trying to bring out in the photograph. Before you ask your model or subject to look in any direction you need to think about their personality. Try reading the personality of your subject. Also engage with that person by talking to...