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  1. Jeff Colburn

    Want to learn how to make an image shot in flat light look great?

    If you have photos that were shot in flat light, then this tutorial is for you. I just posted Part 1 of a two part article on how I made adjustments in Bridge and Photoshop to images shot on an overcast day with flat light. After the adjustments, colors are vivid, there's contrast, and the...
  2. Jeff Colburn

    Download My Shutterbug Magazine Article

    Hi Everyone, If you didn't get a chance to read my article that was in Shutterbug magazine, you can download a PDF of the complete article at Jeff Colburn - Fine Art Prints of Arizona - Websites: Best Practices; Marketing, Presentation and Clients. It has great information on how to improve...
  3. Jeff Colburn

    Tornados in Flagstaff, Arizona

    Earlier this month a series of tornadoes hit Flagstaff, Arizona, and the surrounding area. You probably saw the damaged homes on the news. The eight tornadoes rated between EF1 and EF3, and created a lot of damage. One of these tornadoes was on the ground for 30 miles. Some of the damage...
  4. Jeff Colburn

    Improve your website

    As some of you know, I'm in the current issue of Shutterbug magazine, where I talk about how photographers can use, and improve, their website. If you would like more information on this topic, you can download my free report, "10 Common Mistakes Found On Websites, And How To Fix Them," at Jeff...
  5. Jeff Colburn

    Want a photo studio, for $350?

    How would you like to buy a photo studio, for as little as $350? Not a month, but just a one time fee. Check it out Inflatable Photo Studio lets you shoot anywhere Have Fun, Jeff
  6. Jeff Colburn

    800 Photoshop Tutorials, Plugins and Brushes

    Check out this link, "A Definitive Collection of 800+ Categorized Photoshop Tutorials, Plugins and Brushes" A Definitive Collection of 800+ Categorized Photoshop Tutorials, Plugins and Brushes Have Fun, Jeff
  7. Jeff Colburn

    Do you use film or digital? Vote here.

    Hey photogs, let's really find out where film and digital use stands. Instead of relying on stats listed in an article or website, let's make our own stats. Let your voice be heard at my poll Have Fun, Jeff
  8. Jeff Colburn

    Increase sales of articles to magazines

    Do you want to increase the sale of articles to magazines? Then read my article, "Photographs: The Way To Increase Sales Of Your Articles" at the Virtual Photography Studio website here Photographs: The Way To Increase Sales Of Your Articles Have Fun, Jeff
  9. Jeff Colburn

    The Meadow

    Since I shoot landscapes and nature photographs, I often have to hike a mile or more to get to the locations I want. But this isn’t always the case. A few miles south of Flagstaff, right next to Highway 17, is The Meadow. Every fall, the meadow explodes with yellow flowers, backed by a pine...
  10. Jeff Colburn

    Photographing Fall Colors

    If you want to photograph the Fall Colors, check out my latest blog post at to find lots of useful links about where and how to shoot this amazing show put on by Mother Nature. Have Fun, Jeff
  11. Jeff Colburn

    I'm in Shutterbug Magazine

    I'm in the November issue of Shutterbug Magazine, Shutterbug: Home Page in the Business Trends section. You can learn all about having a great website for your photography business, or any business. The magazine hits newsstands this Saturday. Have Fun, Jeff
  12. Jeff Colburn

    Places to sell photographs

    Here are some interesting places to sell your photos. I wouldn't expect a lot of sales here, but it's something. 10 Places To Turn Your Photography Into Sales Have Fun, Jeff
  13. Jeff Colburn

    Nikon versus Canon Lenses

    Check out this chart A comparison of the Canon and Nikon lens line-ups | Timothy Armes' Blog Have Fun, Jeff
  14. Jeff Colburn

    Watch this video on social networking

    Watch this 15-minute video, and you will at least double your social networking skills Relationship Economics | turning business relationships into personal and professional success David Nour Have Fun, Jeff
  15. Jeff Colburn

    The Changing Photography Industry

    Lately, many photographers, including myself, have been complaining about the negative impact that digital photography has had on the photography industry. Some of these complaints include: · Amateur photographers taking work away from professionals. · Image buyers purchasing images from...
  16. Jeff Colburn

    Is this the beginning of the end of microstock?

    According to this article, iStockPhoto is making changes that may chase away current and future photographers. It sounds like they made sacrifices to get themselves established, and now want to get greedy. What do you think? Photo Business News & Forum: iStockPhoto - Wait! It's About the...
  17. Jeff Colburn

    Free Ebooks For Photographers

    PhotoShelter has several free ebooks for photographers, and just added "The SEO Cookbook For Photographers" at Free Reports and Research for Photographers | PhotoShelter Have Fun, Jeff
  18. Jeff Colburn

    The Granite Dells

    Hi Everyone, I've added two more photographs to my fine arts site. They were taken at the Granite Dells, just north of Prescott, Arizona. I call the first one, "Rock In Repose." Hey, we all need a break once in a while. And I really liked the Lichen in the second one. If you want to see more...
  19. Jeff Colburn

    HDR Sucks!!!

    You have got to read this post, it's great. HDR is stupid Have Fun, Jeff
  20. Jeff Colburn

    Framed Prints or Gallery Wraps in a gallery

    Hi All, I currently have framed prints in a gallery, and may be going into another gallery soon. I've been thinking about switching from framed prints to gallery wraps, but I'm wondering which sells better. While the wraps cost a little more, the framed prints are more work intensive for me...