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  1. JoL

    The Pier, Part 2

    I have shot this one before but went back to try a slightly different take on it and hopefully add it to my black and white candidates that might eventually make it on my wall in printed form. The Pier, Part 2 by Johannes Bengani-Lutz
  2. JoL

    The Mystic Pier

    This is the pier at Torbert MacDonald Park, Mystic River Reservation in Medford, MA. Always thought that this would make a nice subject but wasn't quite sure as to how to put it in the right light. Taking away the light altogether and shooting it at night has been the most successful approach so...
  3. JoL

    Going fisheye

    I haven't posted anything in a long time with a busy year coming to its end. Actively trying to get back into photography I want to share a few photos I took with my Samyang 7.5mm fisheye lens that I learned to love. Hope you like them.
  4. JoL

    Misty morning

    I went for a hiking trip to Mount Monadnock and woke up to a beautiful dreamy morning. Made me realize again how much I love the mood of B&W images. Enjoy! Misty Morning 2 by Johannes Lutz, on Flickr Misty Morning 1 by Johannes Lutz, on Flickr
  5. JoL

    Boston Night Skyline

    This is my first night skyline shoot featuring the Boston skyline from the waterfront. I hope you like it! Boston lights by Johannes Lutz, on Flickr
  6. JoL

    On the playground

    My fiance and I were babysitting our friend's kid on Sunday morning. The weather was beautiful and he was in good mood, so I couldn't resist taking some photos. C&C welcome, especially regarding the editing. Thanks! On the playground by Johannes Lutz, on Flickr On the playground 2 by Johannes...
  7. JoL

    Ray and Maria Stata Center

    I did a reshoot of this building. It looks different every time I go there because it is so reflective and a subtle change in lighting creates a very different look. I'll have to see how it looks like at night as well. Ray and Maria Stata Center by Johannes Lutz, on Flickr
  8. JoL

    Muslim wedding

    I was recently asked to capture some important memories for a young Muslim couple by shooting two of their wedding events. I know everybody has their own opinion about this topic and why it is a bad idea to take on such an event if you're not a professional, but I still wanted to share a couple...
  9. JoL

    Baltic Sea sunsets

    I recently went on a short trip to the Baltic Sea cost of Germany and took the chance to capture the beautiful sunsets. Hope you enjoy them! P4030193-Edit by johanneslutz, on Flickr P4040336 by johanneslutz, on Flickr
  10. JoL

    Spring is coming! least that's what the melting ice on the Charles tells me. I like how people are already using the available ice-free puddle-sized areas for sailing. Boston and Charles by johanneslutz, on Flickr
  11. JoL

    Kendall Square architecture

    Similar to my other post, some abstract photos from Kendall Square in Cambridge. The buildings are just made for being captured on a black and white photograph. P3190045 by johanneslutz, on Flickr P3190038 by johanneslutz, on Flickr P3190025 by johanneslutz, on Flickr
  12. JoL

    Copley Square architecture

    I recently spent some time improving on my black and white processing approach and re-edited some old photos that I shot a year or two ago that I wanted to share here. There is a lot to learn about how to create a powerful black and white image, that much I have realized by now. DSC02712 by...
  13. JoL

    Boston sunrise

    I used the change to summer time for getting some sunrise photos without having to get up in the middle of the night. Next time I'll take a flashlight, slipped a bunch of time on the icy snow surface on the trail. Boston Sunrise by johanneslutz, on Flickr Sunrise by johanneslutz, on Flickr
  14. JoL

    Happy 15 month old

    I shot these as a gift for a couple that barely has any good photos of their cute, happy toddler. So last time when my fiance and I went over to babysit him for an evening I decided to bring my lights along and try to get some shots of him. The challenging thing was that he had learned to walk...
  15. JoL

    Lens selection for social event

    Hello all, I was asked to take photos at a bigger family event (let's treat it as a wedding for this thread's purpose). Even though the family does not expect much and would be fine with a couple of group shots etc I showed them a few candid shots I had taken at other family gatherings and was...
  16. JoL

    Waist-high in snow

    Thanks to not having a true wide angle lens I had to fight my way through the snow to get the whole tower in the frame. It think it was worth it! P2160086 by johanneslutz, on Flickr
  17. JoL

    Portrait for PhD web profile

    A friend of mine needed an updated portrait photo for her department's website at the university. She is doing her PhD an I thought a professional yet relaxed attire and facial expression would be suitable. This is the first time I am trying to take a professional-ish looking portrait, so I...
  18. JoL

    Opening up the shadows...

    As a fun 10 minute project and inspired by Serge Ramelli's post processing approach of "-100 Highlights" and "+100 Shadows" as well as a truckload full of saturation, I was looking for turning an ugly photo into something worth looking at. Where is your comfort limit with rescuing/altering your...
  19. JoL

    Spooky trees

    Thought I'd make use of the weather (wind, rain and actually some snow!) and go into the park without having anyone around me. This is the first time I was going after this effect and I'm quite satisfied with what I got (no tripod used). I'm interested in your take on those shots! 1 2 3
  20. JoL

    Yosemite, on top

    I just rediscovered my favorite Yosemite picture from last year's vacation and thought it is worth to be shared. Amazing how this tree survives on top of this bare rock.