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  1. timor

    What makes a photograph collectable ?

    Well, interesting problem, which may boggel some of us. Collectible Photographs Especially now, when mass reproduction doesn't even require a skilled technician. (Not to mention an artist her/himself.) What are your opinions, especially looking forward to hear from members, who actually sell...
  2. timor

    Anyone needs a 645 Contax body ?

    Hard to call it collection, rather a stash Contax 645 Medium Format SLR Film Camera Body Only Looks like it took them a while before they released they have more bodies than demand for them in the whole North America. But in case someone needs one we have them right here, in Toronto (Concord...
  3. timor

    Very interesting website about classic photography.

    Historically interesting Photographic Memorabilia
  4. timor

    Something about wet plate.

    This is one example, that normal, chemical photography will be still in the future:
  5. timor

    Arno Minkkinen.

    Found this some time ago: The Helsinki Bus Station Theory: Finding Your Own Vision in Photography Might be helpful, good teachings.
  6. timor

    Fun in the

    Last night session was about controlling brilliance of the print. 35mm negative was shot in even, somewhat diffused light. For the first print with filter #2 analyzer predicted 7" of exposure. After 2' 45" in developer came out this: Obviously I put the probe in the wrong spot, this paper...
  7. timor

    What happend here ?

    A little quiz guys. Pictures bellow are showing some weird emulsion behavior. Pictures show whole sheet of 8x10. One hint: it is not bad fixing. Fixing was fine.
  8. timor

    Camera design.

    Hi. I found this: 3 Camera Designs by Famous Designers | The Art of Photography Nice, short video. Yet presentation omitted Luigi Colani, who actually gave the small format slr shape Canon, Nikon and Pentax are using still today. He designed Canon T90.
  9. timor

    Case study: four pipe chimney stack.

    :biggrin: Sorry, wrong forum.
  10. timor

    Photo taken by me... for sale

    Guys, what do you think about the picture itself and about the marketing approach ? Toronto Skyline Remember, I live there, I know this skyline. :alien:
  11. timor

    Agfachrome for alternative process

    Hi. Someone is selling 400' roll of Agfa Agfachrome I think from 1997. How bad this film can be by now assuming it was not stored in the fridge. And how suitable this film can be for some alternative process ? Thank you for your thoughts.
  12. timor

    Alexey Titarenko

    As Gary mentioned Alexey Titarenko maybe worth a look. ALEXEY TITARENKO | PHOTOGRAPHY
  13. timor

    Susan Burnstine

    Just to go with our continous discoveries. Art of Susan Burnstine: Susan Burnstine Photography Your thoughts...
  14. timor

    For all photographing kids.

    Maybe worth to check this out: Bill Gekas Photography
  15. timor

    Holga, Brownies, Pinhole and any other kind of Lo-Fi

    Lets start with this: "Iron Horse" from Southampton Ontario. Imperial Reflex, Delta 400, orange Cokin filter.
  16. timor

    I wonder.

    I wonder, why this thread: was closed. We just started discussion when something went wrong. Mods, please, let me better understand our rules. :D
  17. timor

    Blast from the past ! Who remember this ?

    Just got (with other stuff) a set of three 5x7 developing trays made by Yankee. Brand new :D. Really, they don't appear to be ever used. That was inside (in pristine condition, like fresh $20 note). Who can translate the prices to today money ? And boy, couple things from that flyer I would...
  18. timor

    A new toy.

    Just got this today: Rigby 4x5 pinhole camera. Anyone has experience with it ?
  19. timor


    One would think, that winters should be warmer. But apparently weather is not reading reports on climate. Not, that I didn't see it before, but usually very locally, few square kilometers, not a whole country. This one is for you Leonore. Not, that I don't like winter, but that was to destructive.
  20. timor

    How to sell your camera !

    Maybe that will help with selling old cameras ? What do you think, guys ?