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  1. Dinardy

    FS: Nikon D7100 + MB-D15

    This body is in pretty great condition. Not a scratch on it with approximately 20k actuations. The body is fully operational, and has been pampered and cared for. I am the original owner, bought from B&H. Will come with the original box, cables, manuals and strap. Both rear and top screen have...
  2. Dinardy

    Wacom Intuos CTH480

    Up for sale is my CTH480. It is in perfect condition aside from a couple specks of glitter... (I have daughters) I upgraded to the larger CTH680 so I no longer have a use for this one, It has just been sitting on my desk for months. The sale will include the original box, manuals, pen and usb...
  3. Dinardy

    FS: Nikon F3HP

    I have a very nice... like really nice Nikon F3/HP for sale. Serial #1743819 Late 80's camera (1986?). I have had this body for awhile and have shot the hell out of it. All exposures have come out great and full frame. The exterior of the body is a 9/10 I would rate the interior mirror an...
  4. Dinardy

    Nikon Lens Lot: 24mm, 50mm, 105mm

    Too make a long story short, a very close friend has met financial turmoil. I was told that anything helps, so among other things, I'm selling some of the lenses that I really like, only because I know they have a chance of selling on here. Will entertain all offers. I have for sale a 24mm...
  5. Dinardy

    FS: Nikon 50mm 1.4 AI-S

    Hello forum, I'm looking to sell another one of my nifty fiddy's. The lens was bought on eBay awhile back from a well rated seller, in excellent condition. I don't find myself using the 50mm range all that often, almost never. So I'm going to part ways with it for now. I could use the funds...
  6. Dinardy

    Senior Portraits C&C

    I tagged along with a close friend to shoot her sister in laws senior portraits. I have slowly been working into second shooting weddings and portrait work regularly as the opportunities have presented themselves. I'm becoming more comfortable, but still feel completely out of element with the...
  7. Dinardy

    Second shot at a wedding, a few 35mm frames

    I haven't gotten my cards back, I shot about 1,500 digital and 7 rolls of Fuji 200, 400, 800 and one roll Ektar 100. I had a few rolls developed locally at Walgreens, wasn't thoroughly impressed with my results, but I mainly shot on the D7100. Hoping to have some keepers on the digital side...
  8. Dinardy

    35mm shots from my F3

    I have really fallen in love with this film body. It hasn't let me down once, I essentially take it with me everywhere. I recently picked up a new 24mm AF, which has been really fun coupled to this guy. Here are a few recent-ish frames. 1. 2. 3.
  9. Dinardy

    D7100, not recording to SD card/lost images

    So I had a pretty rough time with my D7100 this last weekend. I was second shooting at a wedding, walking away with about 1,500 digital images and 7 rolls of film. At a few KEY moments throughout the night I had realized that images were not being recorded as they were being shot! I had plenty...
  10. Dinardy

    Ventured into the Clouds, Mt. Rainier

    Took a hike up to Camp Muir the other weekend. It is the main base camp for those tempted by the Mount Rainier summit, sitting right around 10,000ft above sea level. I brought my D7100 and a couple AIS lenses, a 50 1.4 and a 105 2.5, to save on weight. Shot a few photos before I hit the snow...
  11. Dinardy

    Snapshots from my new F3HP

    I took a giant leap into 35mm this summer. I'm not sure what sparked this obsession, but it happened shortly after I met up with u/Derrel. Here are some shots from my last couple outings. It's been awhile since I have made a post... I'm sorry for the heavy image content. Mainly shot with Fuji...
  12. Dinardy

    FS Kenko 1.4 TELEPLUS PRO 300 for Nikon

    In pretty much like new condition, I used it a few times with a Sigma 100-300mm and a Nikon 80-200mm with very acceptable results. I never really use it with the lenses I have now, and since I'm on a selling spree, I'll put this one up for sale. Comes with original box. How about $80 shipped
  13. Dinardy

    Nikon F3HP mechanical question

    Hey TPF I recently purchased a nice F3HP, the body is beautiful, I'm not sure if it was rebuilt or just not used, but it appears to be like new. I shot about half a roll yesterday until the light went away, then decided to play with all the buttons and knobs, to familiarize myself with the...
  14. Dinardy

    FS Yongnuo flashguns and triggers

    I have for sale my Yongnuo system I used with my D7100 and D7000. All items are in good, working condition, with little to no visible wear on the flashguns. The 560 III has seen very little use, and appears new. Original boxes will be shipped with the flashes.The triggers show some wear due to...
  15. Dinardy

    FS: Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 DX Nikon Mount

    Hello TPF, I am putting my Nikon mount Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 DX up for sale. It is in excellent condition, the front and rear elements are flawless, and the body is clean and free of scratches. I have had this lens for a several months, but am ready to try something with a bit more focal length...
  16. Dinardy

    ANSCO Flash Clipper

    1930s P&S? It's an interesting, light weight camera that shoots 616, but can be converted to 120 or even 35mm. Do you have any personal experience with one? This was passed down to me by by grandfather, along with a few other cameras.
  17. Dinardy

    FS: AF Nikkor 80-200mm 2.8D

    I have had this 80-200mm 2.8D for several months, shooting thousands of photos. It has performed great and met my needs well, though I think I'm ready for some modern glass with VR. The lens body is in great shape, I would rate it a 9/10 with just a minor scuff on the bottom of the tripod collar...
  18. Dinardy

    Broke out the 35mm

    I shot a couple exposures of Fuji XTRA400 through my Minolta XE-7/50mm 1.7 the other day. I usually lend this camera to a friend if they don't have one of their own. I'm not a very good teacher, so usually their photos come out underexposed and OOF. This last roll I got back had 15 images of a...
  19. Dinardy

    Eye to eye, Mt. Rainier

    I took the evening to drive out to the Highrock Lookout trail head and climb to the fire lookout. This lookout is sitting at about 5,685ft; Perched on a shear cliff. The trail is about a 1,350ft gain and can be achieved fairly easily and quickly in the summer months. We ran into a few snow...
  20. Dinardy

    Flying in the wind, at PooPoo

    Took a detour home today and stopped by one of our local para-gliding take off points, Poo Poo Point. In the coming weeks, I'll be shooting from one of these flying-fabric-wings tandem... with a well regarded pilot I had the opportunity to meet while I was there. Any paragliding...