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    **New Top 5 Hottie List

    Are we talking hottie as in pretty face, or boobs/ body?
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    FS: Nikon D7100, only about 4500 shutter count, with whole lot.

    This camera and lens is still for sale :) Includes Camera Body, Lens, SD cards, batterypack, 3 batteries. $600 OBO Only reason I'm selling is to pay bills.
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    FS: Nikon D7100, only about 4500 shutter count, with whole lot.

    Sorry for the late notice! I replied :)
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    FS: Nikon D7100, only about 4500 shutter count, with whole lot.

    Triggers, one set is altura ( trustworthy off brand ) and the other is JJC. The pan head is a Dolcia Proline, same as the tripod. The ball head, I don't actually remember, it was $80 I believe, and its still like new. I know its an off brand in conparrason, but it was one of the more expensive...
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    FS: Nikon D7100, only about 4500 shutter count, with whole lot.

    Hey everyone! :) Im selling this as a lot, Or JUST the camera/lens/battery pack. For the Camera with lens ( and battery pack w/ 3 batteries ) alone I would like to get close to $600. OBO I have my D7100 to put up for sale. It's always been babied, has screen protectors on it, treated very well...
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    Little mill pond sunset reflections

    Lol you guys... Besides the tractor discussion, thanks for the comments, all things considered :)
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    Little mill pond sunset reflections

    True, that machine is actually fully functional. Why it sits there? I have no idea. It sits in that same spot in the same field year after year, and every winter the road commission uses it to scrape the snow off of roads...
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    Little mill pond sunset reflections

    The processing is actually extremely low. Shot in raw, so I only did very minor color adjustments, and I mean very minor. Each picture consists of 2 shots. 1 shot of the sky perfectly exposed, and one of the foreground perfectly exposed, then blended in photoshop. Had you stood there and then...
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    When I'm either too busy to head out, or just don't know what to shoot, I work on portait shoots. This is my most recent, Interesting / uninteresting?
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    Little mill pond sunset reflections

    I don't think I have actually posted photos here besides a couple of links. When I'm out shooting, I like to do more than just the shot. After I get composition, and all my settings down and what I need for the area, I often like to go into HDR. I find that I manually bracket my photos and just...
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    Canon 7d mk ii w/ 70-200 f2.8 mk ii. (wanting to trade to nikon)

    @ OP. I have the Nikon D7100 almost brand new ( 4400 ish shutter count ) with a battery pack and all that. Unfortunately I only have 1 lens for it right now, a 18-70mm. But if you want to do a body for body trade, let me know. :)
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    For Sale: Tamron 70-300mm VC f/4 ($200)

    Sent a PM :)
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    Official Cycling Thread

    I ride a lot. Ill get some pics up of my 'Racing' bike up sometime... I just use it where ever, I choose it over driving to work sometimes actually lol.
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    WTB D7100

    I am actually looking to get a new camera body.. I have a D7100, with just under 4400 shots taken. Always babied, kept clean, has had screen protectors always, never left open in the dust, has all original packaging and 3 Batteries. Interested? ( Also has a battery pack )
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    *** Nikon lens - Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 VC***

    I want this I want this I want this I want this lol. Only $3500 short :P Good luck on the sale :)
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    Millpond + abstracts :)

    His name is Wyatt :) I have him and 2 girls :)
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    Millpond + abstracts :)

    Thanks! I will try that. I get that there is always a way to get someones photos, but I believe it's less likely on 500px and also I didn't come here for people to ridicule me on who can save what. @ Barb following the same steps as you, for chrome it is not possible to save the pictures that...
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    Millpond + abstracts :)

    I've been using 500px for over 2 years, so I am not sure how else, could you clarify for me please? You cannot do " save image as " on that website. It is disabled. Screen shots are really the only way that I have seen for