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  1. wyogirl

    Customers are crazy!

    Have you ever done a shoot and during the ordering session the customer chooses your worst shot of the bunch as their all time favorite? Happened twice this week. Now--- they weren't bad shots but I take a series of 3 similar shots of each pose. Twice this week the customer has chosen the "runt...
  2. wyogirl

    Model Shoot

    This past weekend I participated in a 3 day workshop through WPPA and was able to earn 3 PPA Merits towards my Master Photographer "degree" through PPA. For one of the workshops, we took a model out to the sand dunes and shot for like 3 hours. I feel like I learned so much. I didn't have...
  3. wyogirl

    Help me buy a laptop

    ok folks-- my main editing computer is s desktop. This is where I do any and all REAL edits. What I need is a laptop to take to workshops and the occasional presentation. I need it to run Lightroom and Photoshop but it doesn't have to be top of the line because I'm not using it for real work--...
  4. wyogirl

    Is anyone competing in IPC?

    I just uploaded my print case. I was wondering if anyone else is entering anything into IPC. We are having a party at my studio for the judging in August. Early registration closed today but you still have time to enter if you want. For those who don't know... IPC is International Print...
  5. wyogirl

    What is your best diy or hack?

    This month at my photo club we are discussing diy's, photography hacks and inexpensive gear options. What are your best hacks, diy's or the best cheap gear that you have used and know it works??
  6. wyogirl

    Shooting Saturn

    So-- lets chock this up to a live and learn kind of thing. I planned a camping trip to align with the new moon and specifically picked my campsite to overlook the southern sky with the Flaming Gorge in the shot. I have been wanting to photograph the night sky for quite some time, but decent...
  7. wyogirl


    So-- I got a gig as an assistant photog for a high school prom. I'm going to be running a photo booth. I have no idea what to wear. The main photog is wearing gauchos nice top and jacket. I have a lot of dresses but not a lot of dressy pants options. What are your tips? Sent from my iPhone...
  8. wyogirl

    So I caught a spider

    And I'm terrified of her. She's a false widow and scared the bejezus out of me in the shower. But instead of beating her to death, I trapped her instead with the hopes of getting a photograph. I got an ID through a Facebook group dedicated to spiders in WY. Do any of you have tips for...
  9. wyogirl

    WPPA - My image that made top 16

    Well, for the folks asking... here is the photo that went top 16 at the Wyoming PPA competition. It's titled Prismatic Beauty and was taken in Yellowstone at Grand Prismatic Spring. It was rated an 85 on the PPA Scale which is in the Excellent Category. I got knocked on my presentation...
  10. wyogirl

    I took the leap...

    .... And joined the Wyoming PPA. I'm entering 6 photos in the state print competition. I'm fully prepared to be torn apart by the judges but I'm still excited. I'll use this year to gauge my current level compared to my goals and hopefully wppa will provide learning opportunity.
  11. wyogirl

    First with Macro Tubes

    Here is my first attempt at using the macro tubes I just got. Not true macro I guess. C&C appreciated. macro 1-2 by Amanda McClure, on Flickr
  12. wyogirl

    Cheap ring light...

    So-- I'm delving into the world of macro with some el-cheapo equipment. I got some macro extension tubes that, thankfully, allow me to adjust aperture. Now I'm looking at cheap (less than $50) ring light to go with. To be 100% honest-- I do not expect amazing results. I'm really just playing...
  13. wyogirl

    Help me understand certain tripod features

    OK-- I need a new tripod and I'm in the under $200 price range. I'm flipping between three at the moment but each has a down side and dangit... I've been looking so long I'm cross-eyed so someone please help. 1) Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit 2) Manfrotto MK190GOA4B-BHUS...
  14. wyogirl

    C41 BW

    Ok, let's say I shot a roll of c41 black and white... Not true black and white film. Could I send the negatives to be developed in c41 and then use those negatives to print in my b/w darkroom at home? I love printing and hate developing the film. I realize some people might find that silly.
  15. wyogirl

    Howl at the Moon- week 4 p52

    This week's theme for my project 52 is Dinosaurs. I shot a lot of my son's toys, but I liked this one best. I wanted it to look like a night shot... lost some detail in the shadows but I think it tured out the way that I saw it in my head. I used a photo as the backdrop (somewhere in...
  16. wyogirl

    Photo my 5 year old took

    I recently gave my son my old bridge camera. Its a Konica/Minolta Dimage Z2 (circa 2003) with 4MP. It was the shiz in the day... but now it belongs to a 5 year old with ADHD. ANywhoo.... we went to the Elk Refuge and he was stoked to take photos and asked if I would share with the...
  17. wyogirl

    Elk Refuge, Jackson Hole Wyoming

    Guys-- I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of being so close to these amazing animals but I'm going to try.... In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, there is a National Elk Refuge for elk to winter in. They offer winter sleigh rides in a horse drawn sleigh, and are one of the only places where you...
  18. wyogirl

    Project 52 - week 2

    I'm working on a loose project 52. I don't have a set list, just the determination to shoot something every week. I barely got this one done to be inside of week 2. I finished shooting right around midnight so maybe it doesn't count.... unless I'm starting all my weeks on a Monday. Anyway--...
  19. wyogirl

    How to start a local photography club?

    Hey all-- so I need advice. I live in a small town with a fairly large amount of people who are interested in photography. I am thinking of starting a local club. Something that is pretty informal-- monthly meeting with a theme to shoot and share, occasional guest speaker, a couple group outings...
  20. wyogirl

    Water drop photography is hard...

    .... Especially after a dose of Lortab while recovering from a tonsillectomy. I watched about 10 YouTube videos but I didn't get any keepers last night before the narcotic kicked in. I might try again tonight. It's part of my Project 52. Any tips are welcomed.