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    Beginner pics

    If you don't mind, can you post an unedited version of the first? It seems a little too saturated, but i don't know if it came out that way straight out of the camera. Editing is part of the learning process after all!
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    Need advice: Shooting in Costa Rica

    I don't think the flash will be absolutely necessary, but it will of course make certain situations easier. That is assuming that you'll be outside during the day most of your time. VR will help otherwise. Good luck!
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    The darkness

    your last edit is great. I wouldnt change a thing about it. There's not terribly much more you can do anyway with that exposure. Keep it up! :]
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    You need to upload the image using an image host like for example. then use the "forum link" and copy and paste that here.
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    My Valley Bulldog Portrait C&C Please

    It looks great! Yes, teh focus is slightly off, but it's negligible. I think the background color is a little too close to the dog's colors, but that's just me. I like the bokeh and the vignetting is a nice touch in my opinion. The cat tail picture i'm not a fan of though. The colors are to...
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    Exactly 1 Year since i've bought my first DSLR! C+C please ;]

    I may have, it's been a while since i took the shot. I posted early shots for you guys for comparison's sake! Check the first post
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    Exactly 1 Year since i've bought my first DSLR! C+C please ;]

    thanks so much guys, i appreciate it! <3
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    Exactly 1 Year since i've bought my first DSLR! C+C please ;]

    Although I havent taken a single picture from September 08 to May 09 due to college haha. Anyway, please give me some criticism! i've learned so much, but still there's so much to learn! EDIT: Here are some pictures i took starting out for comparison:
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    CC Please... Getting there???

    Hey, you're correct, you should technically crop the side they aren't looking towards. Ideally you should have moved yourself more to the right of them so the gazebo doesn't become a distracting background. Don't be afraid to position people where you need them! Overall good stuff though :] oh...
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    Is this fisheye conversion lens good?

    Fish eye lens effect Photoshop ^ terrible Fisheye effect with Photoshop CS 3 ^much better but still seems strange? i'm not sure ^how about this one?
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    Is this fisheye conversion lens good?

    Any suggestions to make it look realistic? My distortions always look terrible :[
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    Group 1 Rule of Thirds C&C

    i LOVE the skateboard shot's composition. i think the location of the guy is perfect. The first picture is ok, though the off-center location of the couple horizontally is kinda throwing me off.
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    Is this fisheye conversion lens good?

    I want fisheye really badly! I plan on putting it on my canon 50mm f1.8 ebay
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    is this blower good enough to clean my sensor?
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    Sky COMPLETELY blown out even with CP =[

    well of course i can process it to make it look better again, but i was just looking for a way to shoot it properly. here is my edit: it's an exaggerated edit. anyway, thanks helping me out guys
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    Sky COMPLETELY blown out even with CP =[

    so let me just get one more thing straight. polarizers don't reduce light enough even to prevent a blown out sky?
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    Sky COMPLETELY blown out even with CP =[

    oh whoops, thats what i meant, graduated ND filter. so the sky can be too bright for a polarizer? didn't know that. thanks guys
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    Sky COMPLETELY blown out even with CP =[

    hey guys, i went to NYC and did some random shooting to see what i could get. i have a sigma 17-70 and a hoya CP. there were lots of clouds in the sky but plenty of blue as well. most of my picture(s) was buildings and about 1/3 was sky, and no matter where the polarizer was positioned, the sky...
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    NIVLEK presents: 3 random shots.

    for the third i recommend a more neutral background. if you went around him and took the shot with a more solid background then it would have made him stand out more. right now his head kinda blends in with the trees