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  1. Rick58

    Early Morning Freight

    C&C welcome ASA 1600, f13, 1/125
  2. Rick58

    Iron Hinge, Mineral Spring Park, Rdg, Pa

    or possibly color? Took a 9 degree stroll through the abandoned park today. I welcome any and all comments.
  3. Rick58

    Pagoda, Rdg. Pa

    Bored after a fresh 3" snowfall, I thought I'd make a quick trip to the, ever so over photographed, Pagoda in my home town. Instead of the quick tourist snap, I thought I'd use the wall as an element. There's nothing new under the sun when it comes to photographing this structure, so I'd be more...
  4. Rick58

    1958 4x5 Crown Graphic

    Ok, I admit it. I'm a Gear Junkie. This camera was previously owned by the Dept. of the Interior and placed in storage 50 years ago. The camera shows very little signs of use and was obviously properly stored. Lens is mint and bellows like new. The camera could have been made last month instead...
  5. Rick58

    Another shot from Antietam Lake

    Another shot from last weekend C&C is always welcome
  6. Rick58

    Ice, Antietam Lake

    Had a hard time with Photo Bucket today. 60ft frozen waterfall. C&C always welcome
  7. Rick58

    Photo Bucket

    I couldn't find a place for this so here it is. Yesterday Photo Bucket began uploading my photo's washed out. It's aways uploaded exact copies from my hard drive, yesterday it began uplaoding my photos WAY over brightenAny ideas? I checked the site for some setting that I may have changed, I...
  8. Rick58

    Today I thought...what the heck?

    Ok, Here's something I never do. I just snapped a photo because it was there and I could. I usually go out with the intent of coming home with one desent photo. Focused and on a mission. Today I was walking into this parking garage with my employers trusty 10 dollar point 'n shoot, and that's...
  9. Rick58

    This week I buy, Next week I seek a therapist

    I may have to delete my eBay account for my own well being. I was paging through the Nikon film camera's and came upon a really nice F3 body, very reasonable and it was in my home town!...Couldn't resist...Sold! Kind'a nice transaction because I just met the guy down the road about a mile for...
  10. Rick58

    Gring's Mill: Reading, Pa

    Grings Mill, Reading, Pa Still fighting Mother Nature and her ever gray sky. Please leave all thoughts comment and Critque
  11. Rick58

    Paging minicoop1985

    Hasselbald 501C Kit as Is Water Damaged Albeit Nice | eBay Are you a gambling man?
  12. Rick58

    Getting Closer

    A knock on the door On the stoop, a cardboard box labeled "Freestyle" Inside the box... Arista 76 Arista Indicator Stop Bath Aristafix Arista hypowash Arista flow I have to say, it feels kind'a strange not having the Yellow and black pouches in front of me. film gear...check Film...check...
  13. Rick58

    Bay Crabber

    Just a shot from the museum. If you want to tell me how great it is, I'm all ears.
  14. Rick58

    Eternal Rest

    Another day, another cemetery, another shot
  15. Rick58

    Turner's Creek, Md

    I'm not sure about this one. Maybe over sharpened? Since I'm not sure, I'll throw it in the arena for discussion.
  16. Rick58

    Abandoned Parsonage, Still pond, Md

    Part of the Church Complex. Intentional higher contrast with a simulated blue filter to darken the foliage. Thoughts, Comments, Critque always appreciated
  17. Rick58

    Methodist Church, Still Pond, Md

    I had some trouble with this one last night. A little tweaking and here we are again. I took this several weeks ago and just now got around to processing it. It's the same church where I photographed the chapel window. Comments and Suggestions always welcome.
  18. Rick58

    Possibly Searching For a Niche

    Out of all the photo's I've taken this year, only two really stir any feeling in me. If I were to actually print any, I would fine tune these, do a retake with my 4x5 and this would be my sum for 2014 A Balanced Society ...and, Life after Death These certainly are not my "best" or "prettiest"...
  19. Rick58

    Chapel Window, Still pond Md.

    I hesitated putting this up here, but it's what I do and enjoy more then any other type of photography. Record photography? Study of tones? I'm not sure what attracts me to images that others find boring.