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  1. Trblmkr

    Dolly Sods during the Fall

    My first trip to Doll Sods West VA. Was hoping for a great sunrise, but the first pic was the best I got and then the clouds rolled in and stayed for the rest of the morning.
  2. Trblmkr

    Snow Day with a lonely Oak Tree

    First time this year we've gotten some snow, so I took the opportunity to find some nice settings to try and capture.
  3. Trblmkr

    Great Falls in Northern Va (Va side)

    Here are a few pictures during an extremely foggy morning during the fall. Perfect storm happened to get this much fog.
  4. Trblmkr

    Airshow at Airbase

    Had the chance to see the Blue Angels at Andrews Air Base a few months back. Managed to capture some pretty impressive shots of the demonstration team, as well as some cool shots on the ground. Even to this day, I'm not sure how I managed to get this one. Simple, right place, right time, right...
  5. Trblmkr

    The Palouse of Washington Shot in B/W

    Took a trip out west and saw some great old barns and trees off in the middle of nowhere. Here are a few that I've managed to process of the 1700 pics I took 20190609 Id Palouse-0065 by Dan Girard, on Flickr 20190609 Id Palouse-0184 by Dan Girard, on Flickr 20190609 Id Palouse-0060 by Dan...
  6. Trblmkr

    The Palouse From the Air

    Took a trip out west to the state of Washington to photograph the Palouse area. During my tour, I was offered a chance to go up in a small plane and shoot some aerial shots. Boy am I glad I did. Here is a few of my favorite shots 20190608 Id Palouse Ariel-0071 by Dan Girard, on Flickr...
  7. Trblmkr

    Summer Pics from 2018

    Didn't realize it's been so many years since I posted here. Here's some of my latest shots from this summer.
  8. Trblmkr

    Tidal Basin in DC at Sunset

    Took a few pictures this weekend with full cherry blossoms in view, but I've taken enough of them so concentrated more on the water and the amazing sunset we had. Processed only in LR. CC welcome #1 Nikon D750, ISO 800, 30 Sec, f/8 with ND10 Stop Filter #2 Nikon D750, Tamron 70-200 @145, ISO...
  9. Trblmkr

    In Studio Traveling Model

    This is a photo a lovely model that came through our area that I was fortunate to be able to photograph. The lighting and studio were pre-arranged so all I had to do was push the button on the camera. CC is welcomed I'm just glad they were all in focus. Nikon D750, Tamron 24-70, F5.6, ISO...
  10. Trblmkr

    Undecided on my favorite

    I finally made it out to US Marine Corps Monument (Aka Iwo Jima monument) here in DC. I was looking for interesting angles and colors and such... After processing it in color I thought about what it would look like in B/W. And now the dilemma. I like the color because it sets the mood with...
  11. Trblmkr

    Mello Yellow

    This was taken at Longwood Gardens in Pa during their Orchid show a few weeks ago. 20160221 Pa Longwood Garden - Orchids159-Edit-Edit by Dan Girard, on Flickr
  12. Trblmkr

    Nature Vision

    I took this back in November while waiting for Nature Visions to open up and allow us in. This was taken with my very new at the time D750, and Tamron 15-30mm. 20151115 Va Nature Visions031-Edit-2 by Dan Girard, on Flickr
  13. Trblmkr

    First Paid Website - Critique

    I'm using the 14 day free trial of smugmug and would like some feed back on it. Take a look at the layout, options for pricing ease of moving around etc. I do intend on going with GoDaddy for my own personal domain and e-mail account. Thanks
  14. Trblmkr

    Have a Seat

    Taken at a local coffee shop, this setting was just begging to be photographed.
  15. Trblmkr

    SOLD -- Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX HSM DC - $300 Plus S/H

    This is a like new Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX HSM DC for Nikon DSLR's with an APS-C sensors only. The lens is in excellent condition, front and rear elements are perfect condition. Lens comes with lens hood, lens caps, and carrying case. This lens is great for indoor parties, portraits and landscape...
  16. Trblmkr

    B/W of White Sands New Mexico

    This was taken a little after a sandstorm had come through and completely put sand in places where it should never be on my or my gear. But, I toughed it out and managed to capture this after the sandstorm blew through. And i'm very glad I stuck it out that day. I managed to capture some...
  17. Trblmkr

    Fall Around the Lakes

    Here are a few pictures I've taken over the last week for two of the lakes I have access to. Lake Accotinc in Springfield, and Burke Lake. 1. Lake Accotink shot in HDR- This is not your typical HDR where you set up the brackets and go for the over under. I specifically shot with spot...
  18. Trblmkr

    Fall Colors in Virginia

    Took this last night around one of our local lakes. 3 exposures, 1 for the ground and low level bushes, 2nd for the 2nd, and 3rd for the top of the trees. Combined in Photomatic 5 Pro, and Lightroom. Be sure and open it up completely, in my upload preview it looks WAY over sharpened, but I...
  19. Trblmkr

    FOR SALE -- Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX $150

    Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX New $199.95, Sale $150 (This has only been used a handful of times, approximately 30 pictures taken with it. There is a scratch across the G that came from the factory like that, I didn't care since it has no impact on the performance of the lens.) Review from...