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    FS: Nikon D7100, only about 4500 shutter count, with whole lot.

    Hey everyone! :) Im selling this as a lot, Or JUST the camera/lens/battery pack. For the Camera with lens ( and battery pack w/ 3 batteries ) alone I would like to get close to $600. OBO I have my D7100 to put up for sale. It's always been babied, has screen protectors on it, treated very well...
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    When I'm either too busy to head out, or just don't know what to shoot, I work on portait shoots. This is my most recent, Interesting / uninteresting?
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    Little mill pond sunset reflections

    I don't think I have actually posted photos here besides a couple of links. When I'm out shooting, I like to do more than just the shot. After I get composition, and all my settings down and what I need for the area, I often like to go into HDR. I find that I manually bracket my photos and just...
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    Millpond + abstracts :)

    Farmland trackor by Benjamin Holthaus 500px by Benjamin Holthaus 500px Abtract: Space by Benjamin Holthaus 500px by Benjamin Holthaus 500px I don't like uploading my photos to forums, as it has happened people just " save as " the photo and keep it, and I do not water mark.
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    50Kb avatar size...

    I am having the hardest time finding an avatar lol. It says " It should be at least 200x200 in size " But yet, when I upload something @ 68kb, it says it cannot be larger than 50kb. Lol? (P.S I even made it smaller to 100x100 ) Any help by chance?
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    Help on Senior shoot.

    Hey guys. So, I was asked to do a senior shoot. The people love my work, and seems like they think because i've done landscapes/macro's well I should be equally as good at this. Lol. I accepted ( Couldn't really say no.. ) but I've never done this type of shoot. I've never quite gotten the...
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    Here are a couple shots last night of my fireplace. I don't have an fisheye lens, so in post I started messing around with distortion etc. The last photo is untouched in that area. Oh and I believe the wood to be slightly out of focus because I had to use F/3.5 handheld at 1/10 sec (...
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    My newest friend... :)

    Ordered this morning. Sooo hyped can't wait to hold it!
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    How to make the transsition from working a normal local job, to pro photographer?

    I am in a crossroad per say and would like advice from someone who may have been here done that. Right now, I work a min wage job, really want to get to be pro and do that as my income, not cooking. Ive been wanting to do this for years now, but im finally close to making the transition, but...
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    What type of system do you use for post processing?

    Just curious, because a few days ago I read that " Most professionals use macs" . however I don't quite believe that? I run a win 7 System with Cs6 and LR5. Isn't it correct that the monitor is really the key to the end result? Anyway, just curious as to what the rest of the photographers here...
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    Help, need tablet.

    Hey guys. I need a tablet. But not just for fun stuff like skype and games and crap. I need it to edit photos. I need to be able to put a program on it like photoshop or lightroom or photoscape 5. I'm trying to avoid buying an apple one that costs $500+... I'd really love to stay down under in...
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    Help, need tablet.

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    FS: D3100 +55-300mm VR lens + other Or TRADE for D5300/D7100

    I have a Nikon D3100 With a Nikon 55-300mm VR lens. Both are in like new condition. Both were bought new, the lens is only a couple months old, and it doesn't get used a whole lot, and is in super condition. the Camera is also in super condition, and it only has about 11k clicks, and Nikon says...
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    Need help figuring out this Flash.. : Yongnuo YN-560 II Speedlight Flash for Canon and Nikon. GN58. : On Camera Shoe Mount Flashes : Camera & Photo I've been looking at / for flashes and this one caught my eye. I've done research, and like what I see, BUT. It is an all manual flash, I know what part of that means...
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    I got my 18-70 in the mail today!

    So far I'm thrilled. I never knew that a more professional lens would make this much difference! Right from the start everything is more saturated, color is way closer to real.. With my previous lens, (18-55 kit) When I shot a semi closeup of a yellow flower in the sun, it was blown out, not...
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    FS: Nd filters (lol)

    I bought a set for my 52mm lens, well after I bought them I sold the 52mm lens. I won't be needing these anymore. I wanted to do a simple return, but they want $6 shipping. ( it really would only cost $2) They are: 52mm Neutral Density Professional Photography Filter Set (ND2 ND4 ND8) + Premium...
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    My portfolio.

    Hey everyone. I have a portfolio: Benjamin Holthaus If you could all kindly go and check it out and review it that would be great, thanks! I also have a website but it is not finished yet. I'm still troubled with how I will post the photos.. Thanks everyone for opinions in advance! :)
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    FS: Nikon 55-300mm VR

    Hey i'm looking to sell/trade my Nikon 55-300mm DX VR zoom lens. It's in like new condition, Camera lens has been very very very well kept. Comes with original box, lens cap, coverthingy, and little pouch to carry it in. For the lens I'd like about $225 Or best offer. . I'm also willing to it...
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    Help choosing replacement..

    So, I have this: : Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR AF-S DX Nikkor Zoom Lens for Nikon Digital SLR : Camera Lenses : Camera & Photo While I zoom, it's not as important as other functions. I'll be selling the current zoom for around $220. So my budget for a new one will be anything...
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    WTB: ND filters (all strengths) GND filters (all strengths) CPL filter. Extention...

    Hey guys. I've been trying really hard for weeks and weeks now to get ND filters, GND filters, CPL filters, AF extension tubes, Flash gun, Macro ring flash gun... But they are all so darn expensive. I've looked on keh,Amazon,Newegg,and B&H and find not much that is very affordable. so I come...