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  1. Mike Lamb

    Alley SE Chicago

  2. Mike Lamb

    When traditional media tries to be #relatable

    I like the rail and condiment packet. The image starts to lose balance and interest as it moves down. It might be better without the bottom tread.
  3. Mike Lamb

    Jumping on a bed

  4. Mike Lamb

    RIP Justin

    I would crop but not alot concentrating on the torn upholstery. Although odd, Rip Justin is not the story here.
  5. Mike Lamb

    For the Lunar New Year

    This might look better in BW.
  6. Mike Lamb

    St. Joseph

  7. Mike Lamb


    Thank you much for your remarks.
  8. Mike Lamb


  9. Mike Lamb


  10. Mike Lamb

    Three or.......maybe Four

    I like it. I would try to make the top of the fence more level and maybe green up the back some.
  11. Mike Lamb

    Red Red Rose

    Quite nice.
  12. Mike Lamb

    North of Normal, IL

    All my images are open for criticism. It's how I learn. Thanks for the remarks.
  13. Mike Lamb

    North of Normal, IL

  14. Mike Lamb


    Thanks. Cold and windy with broken clouds always makes for a good sky.
  15. Mike Lamb


  16. Mike Lamb

    IR Impressionism

    I agree. Too soft.
  17. Mike Lamb

    Christmas Past, Christmas Future

  18. Mike Lamb

    Odd Number Symmetry

    It's good. What if you desaturated some the BG? The front leaves would jump a little more.
  19. Mike Lamb

    A Plate, a Knife, a Fork and a Spoon

    That is sweet. Crop the top and bottom a little? I don't think you need the tips of the fork.
  20. Mike Lamb

    Brugmansia Or Datura

    The flower is the picture but it isn't. The green overwhelms.