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  1. tomhooper

    The Great Tuesday Afternoon Spider Hunt!!!

    Got out and did a little hunting this afternoon. Found a few Orb Weaver Spiders. Two of them had captured some prey and the other was just sitting there. Actually I think they may be "Crab Spiders", but not sure. All shot with Canon T2i, Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro, 31mm extension tube, Canon...
  2. tomhooper

    new guy messing around

    Squeeze your aperture down to around f/11 or f/16 and shoot it again. It'll put more of the flowers in focus.
  3. tomhooper

    Macro Extension Tubes

    I personally have several brands of extension tubes. Canon, Kenko, and Pro-optic. I honestly don't pay any attention to which ones I grab. They all work well for my needs.
  4. tomhooper

    Can you please help me before I place my order?

    I've got an old Canon Rebel film camera I will give you. Let me know if it will work for your class. You pay shipping and its yours.
  5. tomhooper

    UV Haze Filter

    I don't know what lens/lenses you use, but I personally shoot L glass on my Canon. I've never understood why you would put a $50.00 or so piece of glass over a $1000.00 and up lens. Doesn't make sense. If you need protection, use the lens cap.
  6. tomhooper

    What would you buy. (its a long one)

    Actually the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro either L or not is a great, sharp, lens. It can double as a portrait lens and won't break your budget. Add an 18-55 kit type lens and you have the lower range covered for $1000.00 USD or less. Then spend the other money on a high quality long lens. Maybe...
  7. tomhooper

    My lens is dim

    Its still under warranty. Send it in and let the pros handle it. You'll be happier in the long run.
  8. tomhooper

    Is this too personal???

    Semi-retired Veterinarian.
  9. tomhooper

    Some C&C please

    1) Really a good shot. If I had to nitpick, I might crop just a little sky out, but not really. I wouldn't mind hanging this on my wall. 2) Great shot but you might crop a little more of the foreground out. For some reason, it drew my eye. Again a very small nitpick. 3) Agree with the...
  10. tomhooper

    White spots on color negatives.

    I recently bought a negative scanner so that I can archive all my old images that are on 35mm film. The negatives look clean at first glance, but when scanned, there are numerous and I mean numerous white spots on the image. When examining the negatives under magnification I can see the...
  11. tomhooper

    Blackberry Series-next part.

    Here is the third image of my "Blackberry Series". The green Blackberry fruit. Shooting info: ISO 200, f/8, 1/250sec. Canon XSi, Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro, Canon MT-24EX Macro Twin Lites (1/8 power both heads), shot on a tripod with focusing rail. Created from 6 images with Zerene Stacker...
  12. tomhooper

    Canon 25mm Extension Tube II Worth the $$$'s?

    B&H or Adorama (I'm not sure which) sells a set of Pro-optic tubes. I have a set of them in addition to Kenko and Canon. They have the contacts and work as well as any of the others I have. The run about $90.00/set.
  13. tomhooper

    She's a lady!

    That male is one weird looking bug. Are all Malaysian bugs that strange.
  14. tomhooper

    Another flower

    Looking at your EXIF data I would suspect you are shooting in AE mode. I would suggest switching to manual or at least aperture priority and going to a smaller aperture. Say around f/11 although without flash, that may not be possible at 300mm but it would increase your DOF. As was stated...
  15. tomhooper

    should I steep up?

    I personally like having a dedicated macro lens. You can use the extension tubes with your other lenses and they will work very well. I've never used a 500D filter or any filter for that matter so I can't speak as to the quality of images you can get with it. I don't know why but for some...
  16. tomhooper

    Dragonfly profile

    Really, really, nice. Great job.
  17. tomhooper

    Southeastern Grass Leafhopper

    Caught this Leafhopper on a Milkweed. I had never seen one like this before. Cuerna costalis. May be a little motion blur. The wind was blowing a little. I really like the lateral line continuing through the eye. Canon XSi, Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro, Canon MT-24EX Macro Twin Lites (1/2 power...
  18. tomhooper

    Blackberry Series.

    I have been planning to do what I call my "Blackberry Series" for several years. I either forget about it, put it off until later, etc, etc, you know how it goes. In the past some of the shots were not good and I just didn't finish. Since I started doing some stacking, I thought I'd try...
  19. tomhooper

    FINALLY.....Some Butterflies

    Nice shots except for what you have already mentioned. Good job.
  20. tomhooper

    A slightly different take on....

    I like the B&W.