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  1. roentarre

    My revised black and white gallery

    I updated the black and white photos in my old thread. Welcome to visit The images were taken by various sorts of lenses. Nine Blades: Black and White Photography Thanks
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    Post Your Pentax 31mm limited photos

    Pentax 31mm f1.8 limited enjoys a legendary status among Pentax users. This is a wonderful lens showing superb colour, contrast and texture rendering. Lets post the photographs from this amazing lens :) Daily Something: 31mm
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    Strange rocks at coast

    I decided to render this landscape photo into black and white. It seems to render a different sort of feeling better Daily Something: Floating rocks, great ocean road, Australia The photo was taken at Great Ocean Road of Australia. The rifts often take away lives of anglers...
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    Daily Something: Run to induce endogenous endorphin! A good habit to run every morning. I wished I could do the same and keep it up. In the winter times. it is just hard to bare any skin to run. Running exerts 10 times as force on our bones than normal day to day walking. That is called...
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    What is he doing? Spotted this man in the city square. Not entirely sure what he is up to but it does add a bit of wonder for my trip :)
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    One leg up

    Daily Something: One leg up Took me many goes to get this shot
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    Captured this a while ago while strolling the street. But her look made such an impression on me. Daily Something: Confidence It is good to be so confident like she is
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    Tips of Black and White Photography

    I wrote about this a while ago. Hoping to share with everyone Daily Something: Black and White Photography
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    B&W harsh light

    A photo taken without planning. But I like it :)
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    Complimentary Colour

    I did an article on complimentary colour and hope that it is up to the expected standard I am thinking of exploring the various colour comparison. Maybe a room to write about cyan yellow or red green combination? Red Vs...
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    Three parts articles for Bokeh

    This is a set of three articles I have written regarding Bokeh. What is bokeh ? Types of Bokeh Standard of Bokeh Thank you for looking :) You can subscribe my newsletter here Roentarre Newsletters or Roentarre feedburner
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    Hot beach volleyball by Pentax Fa* 80-200mm f2.8

    She was really full on with good speed in deed! Here is the gallery for frozen motion action Themes Of Time - Photography Flashes
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    How to take baby photographs by roentarre

    I wrote this article with a view to summarise some of my experience Home Page I found taking images of babies extremely difficult. Your feedback is truely appreciated :)
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    Three articles about bokeh: out of focus rendering in photography

    This is a set of 3 articles stating the nature of bokeh and the use of bokeh in photography terms... Part I What is bokeh? What is bokeh? Part II Types of bokeh Types of bokeh Part III Standard of bokeh and how is it derived? Standard of bokeh I hope you enjoy the articles in...
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    Joshua by Canon EF 50mm f1.2 L

    This is a shot taken by ISO 1600 with EF 50mm f1.2 L This lens really rocks. What is bokeh? Home Page Types of Bokeh Home Page Standard of Bokeh Home Page Regards James
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    What is MTF? My attempted article

    I wrote an article on MTF Hope that you would find it useful :) What is MTF? Thanks for your opinion in advance.
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    Voigtlander 12mm f5.6 Helliar LTM

    This lens is a fun lens. Light, small and boutiquely built. Not sharp and not bright. However, the perspective is just incredible on rangefinder camera. Having owned this lens for some time. This lens is a fun tool to create landscape images or street candid in a way that I cannot describe...
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    Mushroom rocks by Da 21mm ltd

    It has been a long time since my last picture post. The recent purchase of Da 21mm ltd is really makes try to use this lens as much as possible. In the end, this lens turns out to be a good compact lens to bring along to any occasion. Even in a wet day with moderate drizzle, this lens...
  19. roentarre

    Lanvin Franz Porcelain Dolls through VL 40mm f2 SL

    Two shots taken on my new collections. Limited production of these funky dolls. Cheers :)
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    Voigtlander 180mm f4 APo Lanthar SL II

    This lens has been in my posession for a while. A lens that is kept in absolutely pristine condition. After some intermittent use, I found this lens a very special one. You might say that the maximum aperture of this lens is only f4. However, this lens is so much smaller than any lenses I...