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    First HDR attempt. Mount Hood

    Taken today
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    Mount Hood :)

    Taken today from Mount Tabor in Portland Oregon
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    That is a 4 second exposure, used a tripod.
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    Soft & Noisy are two totally different things. So explain to me what you mean by its noisy? You have called it two totally different things with no explanation of either, because im sorry i dont see much noise in this image. Do i need to say again that it is a long exposure and thats what...
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    Just curious as to what you mean by soft? Everything except the water is sharp. Maybe i should have listed it was a long exposure and that is why the water looks that way.
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    Taken yesterday at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. C&C Please EXIF Canon 50D Canon 70-200F4L (133mm) ISO 100 F32 4.00Sec
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    Oregons Waterfalls & Mt Hood

    Took these yesterday at Silver Falls State Park near Silverton Oregon. On a close to 9 mile loop there are close to a dozen actual waterfalls. Here are two and then two long exposures of smaller ones. C&C Please and Mt Hood viewed from Mt Tabor in Portland Oregon
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    Cheetah And Jaguar

    # four is my favorite. Great work
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    Samantha The Model

    Hello everyone, Samantha is a model from Ocala florida and drove down to work with me in fort lauderdale today. I have just gone through a few of them and touched up some, here are some of my results. C&C Please 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    The Lovely Jenny Series

    Yeah it was just for fun, she had just gotten off of work so thats why her hair isnt the best.
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    The Lovely Jenny Series

    Hey guys. Just did a fun little shoot with my girlfriend jenny. C&C please
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    Aged away pain in the face

    Hey guys i havent posted in a while, so lately myself and a model that i use have been going around and getting to know our local homeless people, we try to help them in any way we can by either giving them money or food. This man's name is Tim and he really is a great guy, he is super funny but...
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    Orb Weaver

    Looks like a tropical orb weaver to me. Great work
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    Weeds can be pretty too and some other stuff

    I am almost certain that the smaller spider in number 7 is a male. I have never seen a male that small but close to it. I only thing is that in all the other nest there were no other males, seeing im pretty sure breeding season is coming to a end, and typically the females will eat the males...
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    Weeds can be pretty too and some other stuff

    Went out today on a super hot day, went down to hugh tayler park in fort lauderdale florida. Came across some iguanas, alot of golden silk orb weavers and a arigiope spider and then the coon. Enjoy C&C please 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
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    Time will pass, as the city stays still

    Thanks guys for the c&c
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    Dont you love

    It when you actually find someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to modeling and you dont have to tell them all the poses. This was a fun session i did with Erica, a young lady whom is very camera friendly. C&C Please 1. 2. 3.
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    Time will pass, as the city stays still

    Went out for a long night in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tried a bunch of new stuff and saw some interesting things. C&C Please 1. 2. 3.
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    Only hope of light

    Thank you, wish there was some more C&C from other people
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    Never Back Down

    A friend of mine was looking for some type of fight like photos for his modeling portfolio. So we went out, did the make up and what not and these are some of the results. Enjoy C&C Please