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    Burn or Dodge?

    I took this picture several days ago but I'm not sure I'm happy with the contrast. What do you guys think? Should I burn in the ground or dodge the flower? Or leave as is? Feel free to give any other comments/suggestions. (I'm using a link...
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    Light Rays

    Just looking for some comments/suggestions
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    Light Rays

    Just looking for some comments/suggestions.
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    Fly (255kb)

    I just got a Canon Digital Rebel XT and this was one of my first shots. I know the obvious choice for an insect on a flower would be a bee or a butterfly, but I thought it would be cool to stray from that. What do you think?
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    Does this look like it should be cropped to be a little less long? Other critiques are welcome.
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    I really like my depth of feild in this picture. What do you guys think? Any other critiques are welcome.
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    Blue and Sand

    Here are some plants that I was suprised could grow in sand. Let me know what you think.
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    Here's a picture of a large leaf. It was taken in Bermuda.
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    Looking for comments/suggestions

    Hi. I just started getting into photography relatively recently...pretty much the beginning of this year. My friend made me a small webpage to host some of my pictures on, and i'm looking for any general comments and suggestions. It's: