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    Photos taken with Fuji E900

    lol its was at downtown almost next to the intercontinental
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    Photos taken with Fuji E900

    just people comments... and advice .
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    Photos taken with Fuji E900

    what do u guys think?
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    finaly got it

    i got it back finaly after 3 month....GODDDDD i got it back cause the ccd was broken ..but how did it broke i never drop it? the only thing i use are filters and the lens can that cause it or something? --
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    Young Black Girl....So cute

    Great shots
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    Muscle ...

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    this pic was taken with my e900
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    D.C. Metro Police

    what setting did you took it with? how can i take something like that? (MOVING)
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    Flash Question friends

    hey how are you? hey i need help in findin a slave flash for the fuji e900 PLEASEEEEEEEEEE ..?
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    Another Lens Question (sorry)

    i got this wide angel len for my cam and here are the spec 42x Pro Super Wide Angle Panoramic FishEye with High Quality Crystal Optics (8 Element) High Grade Lenses (FishEye & ) and my question is, it has this Fish eye look on the pics that i take it with it how can i prevent that or is...
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    lens help

    or this one...i need to know ASAP...thank u
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    lens help

    i am thinkin of buyin this items for my cam e900, i dont know much on lens so please help ...what do u think on this lens
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    an american icon

    mustangs makes the TOP american Muscle
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    Red Challenge Stradale Pics, come roll with this!

    :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail:
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    micro photo...

    lol yes thank you
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    New York-Streets

    i really like the first one......good job
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    micro photo...

    i like the first one.......
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    micro photo...

    which one do you like and what can i do to make it better.. 1 2 3