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    Critique a few of my shots.

    Well the horizon ain't really centered, the light house is(horizontally) let me tell you one thing I noticed almost, it's the grad. from dark deep blue to sky blue which is something I like about this photo. I do have astigmatism(not severe) and I look and think there's something wrong with the...
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    Couple Beginner Questions

    1- There's something called exposure value, the result of shutter speed X aperture, in a simple way both controlling the amount of light, and are related; they are inversely proportional. Shutter speeds are time values, 1/500 of a second is all about how much time are you allowing your film or...
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    Rude people!

    You are right there is no excuse for being overly rude, like that old woman example, she was not being rude, she was deeply offended, her poverty is not something to be modeled and exposed...But if someone else did that, it could be more than cruel. Depends...
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    Rude people!

    I am not pro being rude, but when people act defensively, it could be just because that's how they are, or because maybe something has happened and they have fear. It's not simple to analyze someone's atittude towards such an intervention. Someone may have had an incident before, some may freak...
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    Turkish woman

    I have worked on photoshop for years, for magazine editing purposes, it's not about being afraid of using it, or making up excuses for it. I spent hours on that thing, and I learned quite a lot using scanned film photos, scanned photos are really tiring, because you always have to clean them up...
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    Rude people!

    In some places around here you can get slapped or get your ass kicked or your camera destroyed, well specially if this person has some sort of a problem. In a way I don't blame in one who reacts defensively in a bad way, they walk on the street and they are not modeling, I get annoyed when...
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    Digital slr or film slr for beginner?

    Film is more expensive on the long run, buying, processing, and then printing. It takes a while, eats my money and slow me down. On the other hand, looking in the VF feels much better, taking the time to adjust your position, knowing this single photograph is valuable will make you be careful...
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    HDR first try

    I am not asking how to, I am askinf if converting it to HDR works or not? Considering that HDR is a digital post processing issue.
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    Critique a few of my shots.

    Wow that's too much, listen the rules say 1 for each thread, so let it be. On the other hand it's hard to look at 14 photos in the same page.
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    HDR first try

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    best lens for street photography

    General street photography does not require more than a 50 mm lens and if you have a 35 mm, but if you are as shy as I am, you might as well need something longer, and with your budget you can get. However I use 50 mm and 35 mm for street, bid lenses drag more attention and could freak some out.
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    UV filter

    I use them, and no they don't degrade the quality of the image, but you need to clean them up regularly, because everybody tend to put their fingerprint on it. One would always recommend a hood and an UV filter and that's how you get the optimum protection for your lens.
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    HDR first try

    Yesterday I wanted to learn HDR, I didn't shoot anything special for it, as I am sick and I'll stay home for a while. Here's one you've seen before, the specific technique is the HDR. You know how it looked, I played with the curve and reproduced it that way.
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    Well your family(i assume) looks perfectly fine, and the background looks perfectly fine,e xcept that the back and foreground look more interesting. Also their jeans. Why is that?? The thing is because their upper halfs look brighter than the rest of the pictures, it looks that their faces are...
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    Turkish woman

    Lol, she didn't pick her nose, she was eating those grains she feed the pigeons, and that's how I saw her face, I mean she would sit like that for a while. I am not trying to take it again, regardless of my personal opinion, I am in Egypt now. No I didn't do PP work, because I am trying to make...
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    Turkish woman

    Her face struck me, the way she looked original among the pigeon she feeds, what makes her living...The hardness graved on her, and the way she always stared in nothing, just sitting there everyday, not a smile, not a nod.I usually don't like to comment on my photos before anyone else. But...
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    The blue mosque

    Thank you, and that really helped...
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    Freight Train

    Well the mountain chains are nice, the way you showed the rail should add a dynamic aspect, the alarming lights of the train are the strong points of it, it what makes me note there is a train, the grass is taking more than half of the photo vertically, and the green is stronger with the sun...
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    critique please:)

    I like it as it is, the armpit is a natural position for a sleeper, it's not the perfect crop, but the thing is, some photographs doesn't need to be neat to be beautiful, it's great as it is. Such a moment is unforgettable and really touching, the way the dad's arm is around the little precious...
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    Critique Please

    I think it's a natural consequence of the magnifying glass, and there's the original resolution of the photo to take account for, blurring the rest only deteriorates the rest of the photograph...I donno what can you do about that really. Except that it's a nice photo frame with the glass, I'd...