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    Wedding of Renee and David

    Nice work - I especially like the rendering of the columns.
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    Pricing for JUST a print? (No mat)?

    I would suggest that you not consider the cost of the mat, in the same way you likely don't consider the cost of the box you ship it in. What you are selling is the image, everything else is immaterial.
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    Photostation doesn't always happen as planned

    Nope, your monitor is right - that's about what they are... a mix of B&W and sepia. I did it, and it prints well.
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    Photostation doesn't always happen as planned

    Ran a photo station not long back - decided to use the back wall of the barn as the backdrop rather than dropping in a white background or something. It was a risk, but I'm happy with how it went. More on my photography blog (it's a post or two back) So, as a reminder: go with...
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    Shoot Photos directly to the pc?

    No you don't. You only need CCP if you care to control the camera from the computer. If all you want is to be able to press the shutter and have the file go to the computer, you don't need CCP. Set the camera to be a 'mass storage device' and have the watched folder be the CF card in the...
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    Shoot Photos directly to the pc?

    It is called Camera Control Pro. Technically, you don't need CCP to shoot tethered (unless you want to control the camera from the PC as well). All you need is a program that does 'watched folders' - which can be done by a multitude of different programs.
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    Need Assistant: Minnesota, May 30

    I have filled the job, thank you.
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    Need Assistant: Minnesota, May 30

    Yes, I know it's tomorrow. Long hours, low pay. *Cut*
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    Shoot Photos directly to the pc?

    Yeah, normally the other option is "mass storage device" or something similar. Basically, it just has two options that has the camera: 1) Pretend it is a external hard drive / card reader 2) Actually be the camera It needs to be on 'actually be the camera' mode for tethered shooting...
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    place to order prints online?

    Lustre = matte
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    google will turn up about 15000 options. Many are happy with smugmug, mpix, zenfolio and others...
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    Anybody familiar with Kodak Prof. Endura Metallic paper?

    I find only certain images work well on metallic - but for those that work, they REALLY work. B&W and rich Sepia almost always rocks the house - 'portraits' don't always look 'better' (though rarely significantly 'worse') than normal prints. Mettalic is much more contrasty, as well as loses...
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    questions about second shooter

    Standard (thought even that's a stretch with all the ad-hoc agreements out there) M.O. is that the primary photographer gets the images, can use the images, can deliever the images and does not need to give credit. However, the secondary photographer can use the images for self-promotion w/o...
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    Early retirement option???

    Do it part time for a while, see if you can build a base... if the work becomes so much that you can't continue to do both jobs ... THEN you have to make a choice.
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    my best of 2008

    FTW ... bwhahahahaaa!:lmao::lmao: (good work, of course... but you knew that) I like the dave hill look though.
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    Are wedding photographers assistants in demand at all?

    In demand? yes. High paying (or any pay at all)? Nope.
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    Do Your Customers Prefer Price Or Quality?

    Oddly enough, the higher you go up the price range, the less people care about the price and the more they care about quality and perceptions. BUT... You HAVE to have the quality in the first place.