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    Medium format questions

    I have the RZ67 and I've been taking it out to handhold it a lot lately. As a matter of fact I have it in my car. For macro or nature it will be nice to have a sturdy tripod. If you're going to handhold it I'd recommend buying a strap (expensive).
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    Vintage box camera portrays Mayan women
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    Your first?

    My first MF camera was an RZ67 purchased about 6 years ago. I'm fascinated with it.
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    life at 50mm

    Cutting off the head on a headshot is ok. I'm not sure about it otherwise though. That aside, like others have said about #; the angle is not interesting.
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    Is the photography industry analogous to the music industry?

    Someone shared this documentary with me that shares my sentiments. The first minute is in Dutch. Videozone
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    Is the photography industry analogous to the music industry?

    Yeah. While it was ingenious that you picked up on the fact that these were not absolute truths, you answered 0% of the questions.
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    Is the photography industry analogous to the music industry?

    1. It used to be that musicians could play instruments and some could even read music 2. Today’s musicians (and their music) lack talent, creativity, originality, and quality 3. There are many times more people making “music” these days with all of the computer software that’s out there 4. If...
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    Help my mamiya is in trouble !!

    I heard that rice is a good general purpose desiccant. However, take extra precautions to not cause further damage. The next step would be to send it in for repair (KEH?).
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    Minolta Film Cameras

    Considering that the OP asked about Minoltas I will limit my comments to Minoltas. When I started buying SLR's I chose Minolta bodies based on the price of the lenses. I found that you can get the same functionality and features out of Minolta bodies that you can get out of any other brand...
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    Keeping camera and film cool in car

    I may try keeping the camera in a zip lock bag to prevent fogging.
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    Keeping camera and film cool in car

    I would never leave my pro cameras in the car in extreme temps but I do like to have a camera with me at all times. I may consider taking my "beat around" inside whenever I get a chance or forego having a camera with me at all times, on extreme temp days.
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    Keeping camera and film cool in car

    Lately I've been using a six pack cooler to keep my camera and film cool in the car. The camera is Minolta Maxxum 5 with a 50mm lens on it. I store it in the six pack cooler with a frozen 32oz Gatorade bottle.
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    Took Mamiya RZ67 to 4th of July parade!

    What was I thinking? I almost got hit by a float as I tried to run across the street to put the sun behind me. My top sprinting speed was much slower, carrying that beast! It was fun trying to shoot with both 35mm and RZ67. Especially fun trying to change the film magazine before the next...
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    Wedding: Second Shooter Tips

    In addition to what other's have said. Before the wedding, while the main photographer is covering the bridal party you could cover the groom's party and vice versa. Some of those informal shots end up being the most interesting. In some cases you will be taking formal shots. One...
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    Problem with memory card. Need help.

    Thanks All, for your advice. My friend took her card in to a pro shop and they were able to resolve the problem but she finally found the solution below. I downloaded a free trial of the software from Basically, the free trial lets you see if the software works before you buy...
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    Problem with memory card. Need help.

    One of my friends has the following problem. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance. "So, I have a HUGE problem. On the ship, we had a DVD made from everyone´s photos. I added some of mine, and when I took out my card from the card reader and put it in my camera, my camera no longer...
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    Need advice on purchase

    A friend of mine is getting ready to make a purchase. He's lookin at a kit that comes with a Nikon 18-55mm VR f/3.5-5.6 lens. I recommended that he buy the kit only and take the extra $$$ to buy a 50mm 1.8 or 1.4 lens. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance.
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    expired film?

    Any opinions on purchasing expired film?
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    Wanting to get into MF...

    I planned ahead and bought my RZ67 one part at a time. It was less painful that way. Well there was pain in having to wait 6 months or so before I had a complete camera.