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  1. elizabethysmom

    Skin cc

    Howdy, this is my sweet niece. I think I have her skin color true to life but being uncalibrated I'm not sure how I did. Let me know what you think.
  2. elizabethysmom

    Color or Black and White

    I took this photo over Thanksgiving break while taking a photography workshop. Can you tell how thrilled my daughter is? I don't know why but I love the shot and I'm thinking of making a canvas. I just can't decide...color or B&W?
  3. elizabethysmom

    1st maternity shoot

    A family friend asked me to take some maternity portraits, let me know what you think...
  4. elizabethysmom

    Nikon D90, 35 & 50mm

    Hi All! I'm going full frame - whoop whoop! Soooo I'm selling my d90 and lenses to help fund the upgrade :) D90 was purchased in April from amazon - I have the receipt, manual, original box, and cap. It's in absoluetly perfect condition - no bumps or dings, lcd cover has been on since day one...
  5. elizabethysmom

    WTB nikon d50/60

    My dad wants to borrow my d90 to take on his vacation to Hawaii - he'd have to pry it from my cold dead hands. Sooo I'm trying to find him a d50 or d60. Let me know if you have one and want to unload it :)
  6. elizabethysmom

    Official skill building please check out my website...

    I'm not in business - I'm currently just building my skills, I'm hoping to take photos at a local crisis pregnancy center (moms who would not otherwise be able to afford a family/child photographer). In order to display my work I'm trying out zenfolio. I'm looking for some feedback on what I...
  7. elizabethysmom

    Little Elijah CC welcome

    I shot baby & family photos for a friend last night, Here are a couple of them. With terror in my heart I will say CC is welcome (I have to get better sometime so I'm putting it out there). I'm not in business and don't plan to be, just a learning hobbyist.
  8. elizabethysmom

    dancing with a sparkler

    I was playing with shutter speeds on the fourth of july. Caught this pic of my daughter dancing around with her sparklers :)
  9. elizabethysmom

    Do you....

    Cringe when one of us "newbies" posts "hey I just bought a T2i and I'm shooting a wedding next week check out my website"....but you still search for these posts because it's discustingly entertaining? Eeeek, it makes me want to hide under my desk but I can't look away. I've posted some train...
  10. elizabethysmom

    testing the water

    My daughter was testing out the pool water - I grabbed my camera just in time to get a few shots. I'd like to try it again and get her whole body in there and some more of the waterfall effect too.
  11. elizabethysmom

    Golden hour shots....

    More from the shoot I posted from Saturday. Love that golden hour!!
  12. elizabethysmom

    Always wanted to do this :)

    I'm pretty excited with how this came out :)
  13. elizabethysmom

    She didn't want her picture taken

    I was taking pictures for a mothers day project at work and this little girl did not want her picture taken - I waited until the end to take her's and by golly it was the best of the bunch! I just love her eyes, such a sweet girl.
  14. elizabethysmom

    PPA courses

    I'm looking for info on PPA courses. Are they helpful? They seem to he pretty inexpensive. I'm Not a member but I wouldn't mind joining as a hobbyist to have access to their courses if they're worthwhile.
  15. elizabethysmom

    My Daughter

    This is my 10 year old in her Easter dress, not posed, just doing her thing.
  16. elizabethysmom

    Too soft

    I just upgraded my camera and switched to Nikon -I had a 50mm 1.8 with my Rebel - it was SHARP! I bought the same lens for my Nikon and the pics seem soft. I thought it was me since I'm new but I went out today and shot in Aperture priority instead of manual figuring I was screwing something up...
  17. elizabethysmom

    Family pressure

    As a beginner I'm having a hard time with family pushing me to go into business. I've always taken decent snapshots but have only started studying photography over the past 9 months. I feel like this is a wonderful hobby, I'm passionate about it but I know I have a long way to go. An...
  18. elizabethysmom

    Playing with my new camera

    I love this photo in B&W - I'm driving my kids nuts chasing them around with my new camera!
  19. elizabethysmom

    Canon rebel t3

    9 month old canon rebel t3 (less than 2000 clicks)18-55 mm kit lens, 50mm 1.8 lens (nifty fifty) with lens filter, new SD cars. $450 This is a $200 value. Great camera for a beginner. I'm only selling because I'm taking a trip to the dark side (Nikon) Below is a pic of the equipment (sorry...