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    Koln/Cologne Cathedral, Dec 2006

    Taken on a very windy day, most images have shake +++ despite being tripod mounted!!
  2. J

    Red Squirrel

    There is a pine forest on the coast about 30 miles from where I live. It is renowned for the population of red squirrel, which in the UK is under threat from the pox virus carried by grey squirrel, who are not native to the UK (greys are classed as vermin, red are protected) Shots taken after...
  3. J

    Cathedral Quarry

    An old slate quarry near Little Langdal,e in the Lake District, UK. Taken with my little Olympus compact after a days walking, about 4.00pm in the afternoon.
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    Notre Dame de la mer

  5. J

    Notre Dame de la mer

    La Fouasse, Charente martime, France
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    B&W printing problems

    I've had some problems with printing images that have been greyscaled in Elements 4.0. They appear to have a bluish cast and several people in the postal photo club I belong to have commented on this. the problem isn't with the greyscale conversion, as on the monitor the image seems to be a true...
  7. J

    Southport Airshow

    Despite wet weather on saturday, sunday was a splendid day. My first effort at airshow photography, many thanks to Lostprophet for the advice on exposures- still couldn't get enough blur on the helo rotor blades though!! 1) Red Arrows 2) 3) 4) Hunter "Miss Demeanour" 5) Red Bull...
  8. J

    Street artist, La Rochelle

    1) 2) He was so focused on his pastille work, there was no way he was going to make eye contact or even look in my direction. still think it works, but 2 doesn't work without seeing 1
  9. J


    Taken earlier this month at St georges de didonnes, charente maritime, western france. they guy was impressed that i'd used him as a subject, I've emailed him these two images. thanks for looking.
  10. J

    Blencathra, English Lake District

    Taken a couple of yers ago with my old Camedia C3000. Apologies for image size!
  11. J

    Continuing the Eiffel tower theme.....

    I need to use Elements on this, to straighten the "skewed" angle of the framing.
  12. J

    Wanted: JoBo Giga One

    Not much chance, I know, but anyone out there got a Giga One that they want to move on?
  13. J

    Resting seagull

    Taken with Olympus FE100, Conway, North Wales.
  14. J

    Yr Wyddfa, North Wales

    Snowdon, to the rest of us. Taken on the E500, short zoom, polarising filter. Levels adjusted in Elements 4.0
  15. J

    Water Lilly

    Taken in the gardens at Portmerion, north wales.
  16. J

    Boy on bridge

    This is my son Josh on the chinese bridge at Portmerion, North Wales. He wasn't paying any attention to me, he was watching the fish in the water beneath him. I like the way the red cap echo's the red bridge. Enjoy. Taken on E500 - not sure what lens, probably the long zoom. Cropped slightly...
  17. J

    Welsh air ambulance, June 2006

    This air ambulance landed on the playing field in the village of Betws y Coed on saturday 3rd June. The ground ambulance had collected a casualty from a motorcycle RTA and he was being flown out for prompt specialist intervention. Pictures were taken on my 4mp Olympus FE100, not the e500.
  18. J


    The picture was taken near betws-y-coed, Snowdonia. In the forests to the east of the village there is a small village of maye 10-12 houses. Up to the late 1920's this village had a small population, mostly because of local slate quarrying. then a bridge crossing a river was destroyed in a storm...
  19. J

    Notre dame

    Probably a photo that most visitors to Paris have taken. i just love the look of this ugly fella! As he isn't a water spout, then he isn't a gargoyle, i understand this type of stonework is a chimere and that this individual represents a vampire