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    HDR first try

    Yesterday I wanted to learn HDR, I didn't shoot anything special for it, as I am sick and I'll stay home for a while. Here's one you've seen before, the specific technique is the HDR. You know how it looked, I played with the curve and reproduced it that way.
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    Turkish woman

    Her face struck me, the way she looked original among the pigeon she feeds, what makes her living...The hardness graved on her, and the way she always stared in nothing, just sitting there everyday, not a smile, not a nod.I usually don't like to comment on my photos before anyone else. But...
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    The blue mosque

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    Towards the sun.

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    Eastern port

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    Ok here's the egg again, closer, clearer...And finished.
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    And then it started rolling
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    Egg in its egg cup...
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    Talking about shooting myself again...
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    Critiques, how do you look at a photograph??

    No I am not looking for a lesson and I'm not giving any lessons. Out of curiosity since I am new here, and since photography like any other art, have rules and guidelines that could be violated into something brilliant sometimes . The thing with photography is that we all have this toy. We all...
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    Tea time

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    Tea time

    I was working on round stuff, using a fed 2 and Tura 400 B&W. I hope I'll get some feed back on this one, because it's getting pointless, good, bad, negative, positive, it doesn't matter, it'll be useful, as long as it is rational. This was taken a while back... Damn it, it should have been...
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    Selfy shot

    That was taken in an old bar downtown, called Cap d'Or, it wasn't even open, we got in to take some shots. I am in there, find me...
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    First addition to this gallery

    This one is from the first photos of sony h2...
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    I took those shots yesterday, it was in a "fool & falafel" restaurant, anyway I've slight astigmatism, i'm not quite sure those are well framed...Tell me what you think.
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    Gettin ready

    This is a photo from my best friends engagement party, that was pre-party.. I didn't have a filter to make a color balance, because it was all tungsten lighting, i don't like suing flash and it was a fuji superia 1600(on a ricoh GX500), i loved the results, and i filtered some photos and...
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    The nest

    Tura 400 B&W, Fed 3
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    Let me introduce myself

    Hello everyone, I'm an Egyptian girl, I'm interested in photography, I've been using manual range finders for about a year and a half or more... Anyway using film is a wonderful experience, being a member of the RF forum helped me a lot, and still is helping me. But I didn't improve as much...