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    well, i did my model photo shoot...

    thanks to everyone for helping me get through this stressful shoot (it was my first) anyways ive included the link to the 5 shots from the shoot, please check and tell me what you think i know posting links is "taboo" but i felt for this one it would be easier Emily and her bowl...
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    first portrait shoot today.....nervous!

    so im shooting my first model today, shes kind of "established" im and pretty nervous to not look like a moron doing it any tips?
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    found something cool at the thrift store today.....

    only 99 cents, thought it was pretty cool and was hoping you guys would think the same thanks c&c!
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    portrait lighting help

    heres my situation im going to be shooting a model on sat all white background with brightly colors ice cream currently this is what i have for lighting: 1 interfit ex150 flash with umbrella and that reflection thing that goes around it (im very new to lighting) now for the remote flash...
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    lens back cap replacement

    dumb question im gonna buy a lens back cap for the lens in the next day or so, but what im doing now is keeping a dust proof cloth rubber banded around the back of the lens think that'll be ok?
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    trees, barbs, and barns

    went out today in the near by battlefield to take some shots ya know the drill everyone!! C&C if you please 1 (HDR) 2 3
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    visited my local laundromat today...C&C

    not to crazy about how these came out, i was pretty quick to take the pics since the mexican lady kept yelling at me in spanish to leave, thoughts please?
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    nikon D40 burst mode?

    when i set my camera to burst, it only fires off about 3 shots max no matter what shutter its set at is this something to do with the memory card? or other internal settings?
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    prime lens?

    what are the benefits to a prime lens over a zoom? might be a silly question, but Ive always wondered if i get a prime lens 50mm, is there gonna be a big difference between that and my zoom lens set to 50mm
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    some new night shots

    went out tonight since it was one of the warmest, clearest nights in VA this year (60 degrees!!!, but snow is comin on tuesday) and was pretty pleased with my results. I know the focus is a bit soft but, im still very happy your all thoughts?
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    just a quick picture C&C as always

    im not super crazy about this shot but figured id post it anyways to see your thoughts. Ive never done a bridge shot before, but ive always heard "they're so easy to shoot, thats what makes them hard to photograph" so heres my first attempt thoughts?
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    Nikkor AF 18-70mm/

    anyone familiar with this? it was also titled with the following: G ED SW DX not entirely sure with the letters mean but could someone shed some light on this for me? they watn $245.00 from the store used. Apparently my kit 18-55 is about to break seeing as when i zoom it something inside is...
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    My New Water Drop Photos (thanks LaFoto)

    Took some advice from LaFoto and others for my new water photos seems like alot of these are poppin up on the forum lately anways here ya go! as always C&C is welcomed and appreciated!
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    Sooo i decided to try a water drop pic too....

    I've seen numerous posts about water drops (RyanWard inspired me) and I realized I've never tried to shoot one, and lemme tell you... it took forever. i took over a hundred shots and got this one and another, this was my fav of the two. I know the "splash up" drops are a bit out of focus...
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    2 new pics C&C always welcome, 1 with a touching story :)

    so braved to sleet and snow this afternoon and went out shooting, got a close up of a frozen thorn bush: nothing to spectacular but, i love the story and the next shot so while out shooting today an older woman from down the street asked me why i was out in cold wet weather with a...
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    flower close up from my light box

    hopefully you guys aren't getting annoyed by my flower pic posting from my lightbox but i'm having alot of fun with it and its nice to share with people who share your passion feel free to critique thanks!
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    built the NEW light box today please C&C

    so i took everyones advice and built a box correctly i'd still like the use a flash for lighting, but i used to white light bulbs on either side to light up your thoughts?
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    built a light box finally

    so i made one of those light boxes but i didnt have any tissue paper or anything so i used normal paper for the sides and poster board for the back i think they're alittle out of focus but heres my first attempt thoughts? edit: no PP straight out of cam set it to jpeg so i wouldnt have to...
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    could be the dumbest question on the forum but....

    on my D40, when i look through the viewfinder i see 3 boxes horizontally with the middle on being this:[ ]. whenever i push down the shutter halfway the box on the far right lights up why only this one and its only that one when i shoot in anything other than auto, in auto the middle...
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    neautral/vivid color settings?

    was wondering if you set these on your camera or just leave it at neutral. If you do use the vivid color setting, when do you ? obviously on brightly colored objects right?