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    Lady Friend and I, Valentines Day...sort of.

    More pics of this person. Used the watercolour filter on this one, as it was blurry. Whats shes laughing at is a security camera, which obviously had a guy at the over end controlling it. When we would nod, it would nod...when we spun span around. I guess this one was also...
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    Some Flowers to share ~

    My fave is the last one also.
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    "Snow Ball" ... A,B or C

    This as taken 3hrs ago. It was a real blizzard out there so I went out to play a game in the snow. In a pair of shorts aswell :D
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    "Snow Ball" ... A,B or C

    A. Original Untouched ^^ B. C.
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    Silver Dollars

    1 oz silver Gold Plated Hologram silver eagle. Stack of silver coins. "]
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    Craters of the war

    Number 3 is my favorite.
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    Lady Friend and I, Valentines Day...sort of.

    Yeah the last two...I have posted before. Another image
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    Been away for awhile...

    It wouldn't be as good without the Buoys. I like it, very beautiful.
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    Water Falls

    Two pics I took of this cascade near where I live.
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    Self Portrait

    Very moody. I like.
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    My father-in-Law's F1

    Number 3. I like the colour. Maybe the style of number 2, on number 3 aswell.
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    Lady Friend and I, Valentines Day...sort of.

    Unforunately Valentines Day fell on a weekday...and her dad doesn't like me coming round on a week day. So Sunday it was... I love this photo so much. If only her head was a little more centred. Got her a rose... ..which she put in her hair. I belive this to be the best pic of her I have...
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    How Was 2005 For You?

    As the year is nearly up, lets each review 2005. 2005 so far has been the best year of my life. Liverpool winning Champions League London Winning Olympics England winning ashes 3 Holidays abroad I've fallen in love with someone...but this could also be one of the worst opinion...
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    In Between

    :thumbup: Thanks
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    Sorted, nothing to moan about now.
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    Yay, I love comments. Anyhoo, as my pic fell as the last post on the last page, I'll post it here. Though you may not think it, the Orange side is actually the real colour, and the other side I have reduced the Hue/Saturation. Original untouced pic...
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    London Eye, UK

    This is one of those photos where I will care more about the subject than the photo itself. As I'm a huge fan of architecture in the UK, especially London. And love shots like this.
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    ...and not a bad one. Nice lighting.
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    In Between

    I love the shot and the effect...very moody. Did you do that in photoshop?...if :)
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    What do you collect?

    What makes it even more impressive is that I only started collecting last April, and i'm an unemployed 17/18 year old.