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    Another RB question

    Sorry, still figuring things out. As for bellows exposure compensation according to the scale on the side of the bellows it's either .5 or 1 stop compensation. Now my C330 has a similar minimum focus distance (comparing 90mm lens on RB to 80mm on C330), and at the same distance the C330 is...
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    RB67 twin cable question

    Hi Folks, Recently got an RB67, still checking it out and shooting my first few rolls. I have a question about the twin cable release, what is its purpose? I mean, I understand the two releases, but I don't understand why a cable release for the mirror. Does the twin cable release each at...
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    Photoshop CS with D50 RAW?

    Can anyone tell me if there is any available plugin that will allow CS to read RAW files from a Nikon D50 or do I need to re-shoot? Dave
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    Pentax Film stuff

    Not sure what the guidelines for this stuff is, but in case you film people don't get down to the classifieds much I have some stuff up there. Mods if this is out of line please delete, thanks. Dave
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    FS Pentax LX film setup

    I am selling: Pentax LX w/winder - well-used, working fine, decent cosmetics but clearly well-used. Hotshoe flash contact is sometimes intermittent, and the camera could use a CLA but no major issues. Pentax MZ-5 (Japanese version of ZX-5) - excellent condition cosmetically and...
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    Do modern printing machines add saturation?

    I just got back some rolls of Portra 400 NC that seem rather saturated. I generally have found that 400NC is pleasantly (realistically) unsaturated relative to the current fashion of extreme saturation a la Velvia and the digital equivalent. These were printed by my usual lab that I've been...
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    F3 prices

    Hi everybody, it's been a little while since I've been around. I'm looking at getting a Nikon F3, someone local has one in near mint condition with the motor drive and a 50mm lens. Price seems reasonable considering the condition ($350), but when I check on eBay it seems prices on these have...
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    Hasselblad help

    Hi everybody, I'm going to check out and likely buy a 500CM in the next couple of days, and just looking for some tips on how they work. Not general camera tips, I've just never used a Hassy and I seem to recall reading once that there are a couple of no-nos that can jam the shutter or...
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    wide angle filters

    I recently got an AI 20mm/f4, and I'd like to put a filter on the front out of nervousness for the front element. I have some standard Nikon and B+W UV filters around, am I likely to get vignetting with them or will I need a "wide angle" filter for a lens that wide? Thanks. Dave
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    which Nikon flash(es)

    Have a wireless mode triggered by any other flash light? Looking to use it in manual mode, not interested in TTL capability in wireless mode. SB-26 appears to have it but what I read is that it needs to be triggered by a compatible unit. I would like something that could be triggered by any...
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    Just wondering what people's opinions are as to the usefulness of monopods, I've never used one. I'm going to be doing some traveling and bringing my tripod is not an option, so I was thinking of getting a Bogen monopod for slower shots. What range of shutter speeds are possible with one? I...
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    Dust Cloth

    At CVS or something the other day I saw a "photo technician" running film through the printing machine, and before he would put it in he would wipe the film off a couple of times with a cloth. I am wondering, is this why negatives so often come back (from anywhere) with scratches? Or is this...
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    Efke roll film

    I got a couple of rolls of Efke 25 120 film back the other day, and while the photos turned out great they show signs of light leaks at the sides of the film. Considering I had the seals replaced on my Yashica not long ago and have had no issues of leaks with any other film, I think these leaks...
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    Fuji 400X

    Wondering if anyone has any comments about 400X vs. 400F. As in, if I like the 400F, am I likely to still like the 400X. Talk of it being more saturated scares me as I like the natural balance of 400F, and I wouldn't want it to come out looking like Velvia. Any comments appreciated. Dave
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    Nikon question

    Okay, so I bought a FM2n today, seems to be in good shape but the meter is no good. I'll take it to my repair guy, hopefully not a big deal and at any rate I'm looking to get a handheld anyway. So my question is this, both camera and lens have what I understand is the "Lemix 'L'" on them...
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    Leitz projector

    So I recently acquired a Leitz Prado 500 projector based on the urging of wharrison (are you still around Bill?), and the fact that I found it at a local flea market for $20 (!). It is in excellent condition and it works fine. Some of the elements inside the machine need some cleaning...
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    Breaking My Heart

    Well, if only I had the thousands saved up (*and* disposable) to buy up all of the heartbreaking deals on film equipment that I'm watching go by. Just in the last two weeks locally: Nikon F3 w/motor drive 50/1.4 105/2.5 Vivitar Flash $300 and then today Mamiya RZ67 150mm lens...
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    burtharris I finally got back to you

    Sorry, I didn't check PM's for a while until today. Email or PM back (I'll check now). Dave
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    *Analog* printing

    Just got an 8 x 10 back from a local (NYC) pro lab, and while it looks okay it's clear that it is a digital reproduction, which is a PIA because it is a nice photo with nice 25asa B&W film and I'm sure it would be nicer without the digital blotches. So is Duggal the only place in NYC that...
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    Is something wrong with my settings?

    I can't see any old threads, at the moment there are a total of 7 threads that are viewable, are threads deleted after 24 hrs? There must be something wrong with my settings for viewing TPF but I can't figure it out. Dave