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    Thinking about picking up a film camera...

    Ive got a few 35mm film cameras I wouldn't mind selling. PM me if you're interested?
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    Vintage Canon EOS 20D With ISSUES

    I have a 20D that works just great with an 8Gig card. More than likely the CF card is bad. Put in another card n see if that works? I did have trouble with a new CF card once. I repartitioned, then low level formatted it back to life. Heck for $30 you did good.
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    Hahaha hey man. How've ya been? I was going to visit vernon soon, maybe we can hook up for lunch or something soon? Email me at Ttyl
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    Mamiya RB67 Film Winding Issue

    SHEIT! I forgot to tell you to take the dark slide out! jsut testing to see if you were still awake. good catch!
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    Bronica etrs, issue, please please help.

    The camera needs to have film in it.... otherwise put her in multi exposer mode by turning hte little lever by the crank down. When you cock the camera, the mirror will go down n you will be able to see again. The mirror stays up after every shot so cocking it will allow you to view the...
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    Question about RB67 Film Advance

    Make sure when you put a roll of film in the back to remove the sticker label at the start of the roll or it will do exactly what you describe. Erie.. how are you brother? .
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    New Jersey

    How far North are you.. Sussex, Vernon? What are the fall colors like now?
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    Dropping this off to be developed friday

    AND? You knw what they say? This thread is worthless without pictures.
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    Vintage paper and chemicals

    Busy summer. Sorry, I didn't realize this site was so slow that the top post was 3 minths old. ummmm..... sorry about that. But why didn't you just give it a try anyway?.. nothing to lose.
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    I want my own paper, but the photo club's chemistry is old!

    Beautiful women. soft water and hard men.
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    Question on DoF and focusing

    Focus the split image finder on exactly what you want in focus.
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    Vintage paper and chemicals

    AS long as it still works. Mix it up n do some printing to see if it is any good. When you open the developer if it is black, it's garbage but if it is still white or yellowish it's still good to go. It mayt be slightly brownish when you mix it into solution but will still print. Old paper...
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    I want my own paper, but the photo club's chemistry is old!

    By "OLD" are you refering to "old school" or "exhausted" chemiclas? For prints Dectol is the most popular and will work on any type of paper, RC Fiber, VC... etc. Stop bath can be any mild acid but indicator stop is so cheap and uses such a small amount to make a working solution it is...
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    Medium Format Photography?

    It's all about the real estate of the negative, rendering more details n tones as compared to smaller negatives which cram so much information into smaller spaces. Comparing digital to film is another matter n is like arguing politics n religion, avoid it like the plague! .
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    Bag for Mamiya RB67

    I've stored my cameras in either an aluminum hard case or a plastic tool box like the ones auto mechanics use from Sears for $20. For backpacking I just put it all up top in my backpack, keep my lenses in 1lb coffee cans with a sheet of foam at the bottom of each.. they make nice lens...
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    NYC Wed Aug 29th, Union Square Park 10am

    9million people in NYC, this got 60 looks, one e-mail says he's coming but is a no show. Amazing! Anyway the weather was beautiful, lots of interesting people in Union Square n the farmers market. Went to Washington Square Park n found lots of Kodak moments around hte fountain. Head over...
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    NYC Wed Aug 29th, Union Square Park 10am

    Anyone interested in shooting in NYC Wed Aug 29th meet ya at union Square Park 10am> See ya there, wear a red rose n a funny hat, carry War and Peace under your right arm and a white scarf so I can tell who you are. Oh that won't work, everyone looks like that in NYC!
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    My First Yashica TLR!

    If you were offered $1500 for it?... SELL it and buy 15 Yash TLRs you can acctually use.
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    Snowbear, are you coming next week? Come on, be one with the camera, shoot with us? That Nikon is going blind in the dark. OH I just noticed you are from Mary Land. Boy that is desperate when you have to beg people to shoot NYC. I'm thinking Monday looks like a good weather day for...
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    OK I'm in. Anyone else want to shoot.. maybe a weekday next week? South Street, China Town, Bklyn Br, Central Park, Bryant Park, Highline, Wall Street? Name your poison?